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Wednesday, July 4

July 3, 2012 (posted July 4)

Day 6 of our 10-day mission trip

{Sandi and Ken Haab very graciously offered to post on the blog! They have become some of my favorite people on this trip and I know they have wonderful things to share with you guys--- Kathryn:) }

The individual groups from different churches have become a wonderful, supportive, caring family showing God’s love throughout the day in all they do.  The results within the individual members and the Honduran people are certainly bringing glory and praises to God.

After breakfast and this morning’s devotion, the groups set off on the day’s agenda.  Mark Adams’ group and some additional members headed to the village of Mololoa to build our first house of the week.  The group built a very nice house for an elderly woman, her daughter and grandson.  Many of the first time builders were sharing their excitement of the day’s events well into the evening and were looking forward to the next opportunity to build again.  

The second group began their morning after dropping the construction team at the build site.  They purchased bottles of Gatorade and water, and while heading back to the Mission house, they stopped where ever they found workers sweeping streets, repairing asphalt in the road, repairing electrical wires, etc... and gave each of these individuals a welcome drink and more importantly a show of God’s love.  Amanda Ihrig loved the warm reactions of the people she handed the drinks to and felt this was one of the best thing she has done so far.  The group stopped for lunch at the Peace Monument.  After lunch they delivered 120 bags of food to the families of the village of La Tigra.  These bags fed approximately 480 people for 7 days.  The children of the village held the group’s hands as they went house to house to deliver the bags.

The third group started out their morning at the bodega (warehouse) organizing the supplies that were sent down in the container.  They set up 3 housewarming kits that will be delivered to the homes that will be built on this trip.  The kits included towels, blankets, hygiene supplies, seeds, candy and toys.  After they left the bodega, the group went to the city dump.  At the city dump, they passed out bologna & cheese sandwiches, cookies and bananas to the people living and working there.  While doing that they were singing songs of praise, when they stopped the people asked for more singing.  Jessica Nivens thought that was cool that they kept requesting additional songs.   After the food was distributed, members of the team spent time interacting with the people they had just served.  They also played soccer with children there.  The event was overpowering to all our senses and emotions and will remain with each of us for a long time to come.

We finished the day with a wonderful meal and time of devotion and fellowship.

Please continue to pray for our efforts and the people of Honduras.

Sandi and Ken Haab

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