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Sunday, July 1

Sunday (Day 4 and I'm already out of titles...)

After spending two full days in Catacamas, we were able to worship at the church that sits on the corner of the lot where we have been working. I have been to Honduras before, and I forget how powerful a church service with fellow brothers and sisters abroad can be. I think we (and by we, I mean I) are often inundated with messages through media, or political organizations, or friends or coworkers that maybe God is just a local thing...a personal thing....that he really is only working where you are and where you can see him.   A morning worship service with a handful of Hondurans from a very small community in the middle of nowhere filled me with the assurance that God is very much alive all over the Earth. He actively works everywhere and it is through Him that people who do not share a common language can worship together to praise and thank the God who made us all. 

....for the detail oriented readers... members of our group took turns with men of the local congregation leading the service. Mark Adams gave an incredible and applicable lesson and a couple of the guys from the group stepped up and helped with the rest of the service. I was super proud of our group. :)

At the end of the service, several of the men of the congregation shared their thoughts with our group. The oldest, sweetest man in the congregation got pretty fired up (in a good way...fist pump and all) about our visit and even after an hour+ of sitting in a really hot church building, we all could have sat longer just to listen to him. His conviction as a Christian and our brother in Christ was moving and infectious. It was the perfect send-off for our group to head back to Tegucigalpa to work for the rest of the week. 

We have arrived here in Teguc at Villa Gracia (or what you might have heard called the Mission House) not long ago... (local time 10:30pm). Long bus ride and I think we are all just happy to find a bed with our name. 

Tomorrow will be exciting, I've already heard plans for visiting feeding centers and hospitals. Much more to update about tomorrow evening.

As always, we love and miss you guys. Thank you for your patience with us, as I know that communication isn't always as often as you guys might like. Know that we are all safe and happy and have a few sore muscles. We are going to try to have the devos streaming live starting tomorrow night!

Here is the link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/torch-devos Devo will be at 8pm Honduran time, which I think is 9pm central time. 

Hope you guys had a wonderful Sunday! 
Kathryn :)

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