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Monday, July 16

Final thoughts!!

Last day…  The last day is always difficult, but fun!!  It is a time we can spend a day together to fellowship and spend lots of money for good causes!!  When the last day falls on a Sunday it is an even bigger treat!! 

Today the team was able to sleep in until about 7:30.  Terry preordered cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Everyone had to be ready and on the bus by 8:30 to leave for Los Pinos for worship!!  One of the greatest things about the trips to Honduras is worshiping with the locals!!  Worship began at about 10:00 this morning.  Singing was AMAZING!!!  Steve Schneider brought us our lesson this morning with Minor Perez interpreting.  After an amazing service, the gringos loaded the buses and went to the Mi Esperanza store.  This is a place that gives us the opportunity to give back to the women of Honduras.  To give you a little information about Mi Esperanza, it is an organization started by Lori Connell and Janet Hines.  The goal was to help empower the women of Honduras.  Women here are not held to high standards, but this is a way that they can learn a trade and support themselves.  To learn more and read about success stories please go to www.thewomenofmyhope.org

After spending some time shopping at Mi Esperanza, we loaded the buses and went to the Valley of Angels for lunch and more shopping.  Many of us enjoyed Pupussas, a yummy yummy food!!  After spending some time eating, we walked around and enjoyed the beauty of the Valley and spending more money!!  After two hours of shopping we loaded the buses and made our way back to Teguc. for dinner.  We were given the option to choose a variety of restaurants at the mall.  The team spent about an hour and a half fellowshipping with one another. 

At about 8:30 we made in back to the mission house to begin evening devo.  Terry Reeves brought us a lesson and gave a brief wrap up of the trip.  Terry incorporated the ideas from Steve’s lessons and encouraged us to continue the battle!!  One thing that stood out to me, was Terry making the comment about us winning the battle but still being at war.  The devil has been wounded, but will return to strike again.  We must be prepared when he strikes, because he will strike again!!  The unofficial wrap up is this:

·      We had 4 worship services with the locals with a total of about 1,000 in attendance
·      The medical team saw about 400+ patients
·      The team gave out clothes to over 400 individuals and left the remaining clothing with the community leader
·      We conducted two daughters of the king
·      Built a playground
·      Build 5 houses
·      Visited Didasko, the Special Needs Orphanage, the Blind School, and the hospital.
·      Gave out over 300 meals to those in the landfill
·      Gave out about 250 bags of food.
·      Made repairs at the Didasko orphanage.

Tomorrow the team will head back to the states.  I’m so sad that this is our last night together.  There is a group of about 14 staying for a couple more days, but it is still very sad!!  Thank you so very much for all of your prayers and kind messages!!!  Please remember Honduras is your prayers!!  Love you all!!

Brandy Barnett

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