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Sunday, July 15

We Gotta do better!!

Throughout the day I’ve had the lyrics to Human by Natalie Grant in my head so I wanted to share those lyrics with you all. 

Every life has a choice
To rise up to fill the void
Every heart has a mission
And we are called to be human

We gotta do better than this 'cause we only got
One chance to make a difference
We gotta do better than this 'cause we only got
One life that we've been given

A little love, a little kindness
A little light in this time of darkness
It'll be what makes us different
It'll be what makes us human
I'm human, you're human, we are human

We are marked with His image
And we are scarred with indifference
Maybe now we should listen
Hear the cry of God's children

Coming to Honduras can be very challenging!!  This year it seems like every devo has centered on not only our time here, but also what we take back home with us!  Emphasis has been placed on our zeal!  In Honduras, sharing Jesus seems so easy but we are all human and we are all marked in His image!!  I cannot believe that today was our last day of workday!!  I hate this part of the trip.  One member of our team will be going back home tomorrow and I DO NOT WANT THIS PERSON TO LEAVE US!!  Rodolfo will be going back to Costa Rica!  He has done an amazing job working with us this trip.  He has been patient and assisted in translating daily!!  All of our translators are AMAZING!!! Rudy will be missed very much!!  We love him very much and hope to see him soon!!

Ok…so let’s began…  Today was an AMAZING day!!  The team had breakfast this morning at the same time as usual.  This morning we had ham and cheese omelets, potato wedges, and toast.  At 8 we met for devo.  Steve Schneider shared some encouraging words with us this morning.  After devo we split into two construction teams and a visitation team. 

The Construction teams did an amazing job today.  The build sites this year has been fairly easy!!  Usually we might have to move a mountain or two, or bust up several boulders, but this year we God was very good to us. One thing that is very important about construction is the importance of Teamwork!!  This year our team has been fabulous.  GOD IS GOOD!!  Also, we have had some local Honduran teens working with us on the build sites!! If it were not for them, I’m sure we would not have been able to build as sufficiently as we have been!!   A quick thanks to the Western Hills Church of Christ again for the house warming gifts, the families loved them!!

The visitation team went to the store to purchase as much Gatorade as possible for a Gatorade blitz.  We then drove around Teguc. a little while doing the Gatorade blitz while we were waiting for the chicken to finish at KFC.  I love doing the Gatorade blitz!!  Basically, what we do is drive around the city looking for the street workers.  When we spot one or twelve, we jump of the bus (when it is stopped of course) and give them Gatorade.  The looks are what are priceless.  They do not know what to think, but then their faces light up in thanks!  After a while we went by KFC to get the chicken to take to Didasko.  Our group had the privilege of spending the day at the children’s home with 25 beautiful kids!!  We were able to serve them KFC for lunch, as well.  After lunch we spent a good while playing with them all!!  Then we set up for the daughters of the king.  We had about 14 girls we worked with, washing hair, styling hair, washing feet, and painting toes and fingernails.  Each girl also received a dress made by the Northside Church of Christ!!  We were also able to wash the little boys hair and give them donated shirts and sandals.  After we were finished, the group played with the children for a few hours.  Jonathan Smith taught some of the children drumming patterns and had a mini band going!!  A small group was able to meet with Jorge (the director) and toured the facility.  He discussed the need of the orphanage and the struggles they have had.  At about 3:45 we had to say our good byes.  It is a very hard thing to do!!  This orphanage has come to mean a lot to members of Terry’s team over the past year.  The kids are wonderful, and Jorge and Rosa are amazing individuals.  Please pray for this orphanage and those running it. 

When we arrived back at the mission house it was time for supper.  Tonight we had chicken, mashed potatoes, and veggies.  I am really going to miss the food!!!  At 8 we had our evening devo.  Steve from brought us our lesson tonight.  I have enjoyed Big Steve’s lessons so much. It has been such an encouragement and preparation for me.  I cannot believe we only have one more day as a whole team in Honduras.  This is the hardest part for me.  I have enjoyed sharing all of the experiences with you guys, and I hope you have been able to take a piece of Honduras with you as well.  Tomorrow we will be going to Los Pinos for worship then a day of shopping in the Valley of Angels.  Please continue to remember the team in your prayers.  We will be home soon, and I’m sure everyone will have many stories to share with you!!  Thanks you so much!!

Love you guys!!

Brandy B

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