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Sunday, July 8

72 degrees but feels like 100!!

Hello to all of you back home!!  My name is Brandy Barnett and I will be, hopefully, be updating you all on the work God is allowing us to do for Him!!  Today we sent team one back to the states, so welcome home to team one!!  As soon as the team was through security, the second team begin to trickle in.  Everyone has arrived safely to Honduras!!

After the entire team had mad it through customs and claimed their bags, we ate lunch.  There were a few options that everyone could choose from so we split into different groups to eat.  After everyone had finished we loaded the buses to make the 3, 4, 5, maybe six hour drive to Choluteca, HAHA!!  No really it only took about 4 hours to arrive.  When we arrived we unloaded the luggage, got our room assignments, put our things in our room, then loaded the buses to go into town to eat dinner.  Tonight we could eat KFC, Pizza Hut, or Wendy's.  Once everyone finished we loaded the bus and came back to the hotel for a few announcements.  After, our announcement we all went to our assigned rooms.  Everyone is settling in for a good night sleep!!

Tomorrow we will worship with our brothers and sisters in Choluteca.  After worship there are a few task we will be doing to prepare for the Gospel meeting, VBS, lady's class, distribution, and medical clinic.  There will be more to come tomorrow night.  

We love you guys and miss you all!!  Please remember the team in your prayers as well!!  Thank you all for your support!!

Love you all!!

Brandy B

Also we will attempt to possibly do some broadcast while in Choluteca.  The link is, www.ustream.tv/channel/torch-devo  I am not sure of the time or anything, but I will try.  I will post the link again once we arrive back in Teguc as well.  Good night!!! Sleep Tight!!!

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Ethel Townsend said...

Great Job Brandi, keep us all updated :)I love hearing whats going on since I cant be there. My husband is there so I its nice to know what all good works youns are doing. Prayers and Blessings!!!