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Saturday, July 14

Hey everyone!!  I hope you are all doing fantastic.  Today was another wonderful day God blessed us with.  Team work was seen everyone where within our team and the locals. 

Today began like the rest, with breakfast between 8 and 7 (PANCAKES!! and fruit!!), then devo at 8:00.  Jonathan Smith led us in a few thoughts this morning to begin our day. After devo, we divided into three groups; construction1, construction 2, and visitation.

The Construction teams left out at about 9:30ish, give or take several minutes, and went to the grocery store to stock up on water, Gatorade, and something for lunch.  At about 10:15 we made our way to the sites.  Construction team number one was dropped off first.  They unloaded the tools and hiked to the site.  After they were off the bus, construction team number 2 was dropped off at there site and had to make a hike as well.  The construction teams were AMAZING today!!  I’ve heard several stories from team one about the build and the blessing of providing a family with a home.  I was on team two, and had the honor of assisting in building a home for a husband and wife who had been injured in an accident.  They have one little girl, who is just beautiful.  After we completed the home, we gathered the family and prayed with them.  Thanks to Western Hills Church of Christ in Nashville, TN, we were also able to provide them with a house warming box.  In the box, there are several  items from toys to pots and pans.  Western Hills also provided the family with a Bible.  When the father saw the Bible his expression was one that would move anyone’s heart.  Out everything in the box, he picked the Bible up first and thanked the team. There are no words that can describe that feeling!!  To God be the glory!!

The visitation team visited the Special Needs Orphanage and the Blind School.  It is always difficult, emotionally, to visit orphanages here, but the these two are at the top for most difficult.  The team had the honor of feeding the special needs individuals and spending quality time with them.  Our physical therapist also worked with the high needs individuals.  After a couple hours at the special needs orphanage, the team went to the Blind School to visit.  Here they met with the children, and spent time giving goodies to them.  After a while, they made there way into the dinning room to sing.  First the group sang, then the children at the blind school sang.  It is truly angelic to hear them sing.  I think I might have some video, and if I do I will try to post it. 

When both teams were finished with their task, they made their way back to the mission house for dinner.  Tonight was, by far, THE BEST MEAL EVER!!!!!  The kitchen staff made rice, beans, beef tips, homemade chips, the best pico de gico ever, and tortillas.  Imagine the best meal you ever had….got it?....This was better!!  I could probably write an entire blog just on the meal, HAHA!!  Moving right along….  At 7 we loaded the buses to go to the Jesus Statue for devo. (Sorry I didn’t let you guys know we were going to the Jesus Statue, we will be streaming live tonight.)  It is always a treat to visit the Jesus Statue and worship.  From the Statue, we could see the city of Teguc.  We spent a little time taking pictures, then we began worship with singing.  Steve Johnson shared encouraging words about the importance of knowing and utilizing God’s word.  After the lesson we took a few more pictures then made our way back to the mission house for the night.

Tomorrow is our last work day and I am not happy about it.  Not only do I love spending time in Honduras, but I love sharing this time with this team!!  Everyone has worked so hard this trip!!  Please continue to pray for the team and the work.  We look forward to seeing you all and share our individual stories.  God bless you all!!

Love you all

Brandy B

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