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Sunday, July 3

It's about time...

Friday, July 1st
Safe and sound in Honduras—exactly what you all wanted to hear. Our group of people from Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Brazil is already active in the work here. I will write later to give you all the details of our first and second days…but for now, I want you all to understand the communication procedures.

Please take time to thank all of our point people—I love them all for the fabulous job they are doing already. These great individuals (Allen, David, Karen, Laurie, Ryan, Mardee, Margaret, Mrs. Roberts, Rachel, and Trish) are the “middle men”. I E-mail to them; they forward my message onto all of you in the States. The Internet can be a little crazy at times, and it helps to send to fewer people. Please remember that for responses, you need to E-mail directly to me at Missions35@msn.com. DO NOT “Reply” to the E-mail you are receiving. If you do so, it will go to one of our point persons (not to me).

Remember when E-mailing TORCH members:

  1. DO NOT HIT “reply”
  2. In the subject line, type “TORCH-[name of person to whom you are writing]”. I receive a great deal of junk mail and start the process of checking mail by deleting everything not labeled TORCH.
  3. No forwards, please.
  4. Be patient, time is limited—and even that time doesn’t always work out because the Internet may be down (such has been the case for most of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

Other communication involves the blogspot. www.childrenoftheking.blogspot.com The exact same information in the E-mails will be available on the blogspot and on the links found on the blogspot. However, the blogspot will also contain pictures.

Thank you to everyone that has helped to make this a reality for all of us. Thank you for the financial support, supply donations, encouragement, and especially for the prayers. We couldn't have made it this far without all of you back home allowing God to use you in our work here.

Muchas Gracias,


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