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Tuesday, July 26

The Retreat Weekend

Retreat Weekend (Friday, July 22 - Sunday, July 24)
We all enjoyed the time spent at the Marriott Hotel in Tegucigalpa. There were massages, manicures, pedicures, pool visits, scrumptious meals, goosefeather pillows, huge beds, opportunities to flush toilet paper, and the list only gets better.

Saturday, our guys had a soccer match against the Cobras (special forces team of Honduras). Last year, we faced them and won. They couldn't believe a bunch of Gringos (and some Hispanic recruits) could do so well. They have been itching for a rematch. I'm not sure they got what they wanted, because our guys beat them 6-5. Goals were scored by Rodolfo Herrera (3), Matthew Taylor, Nathan Reeves, and Brett Mitchell. MVP for the game was given to Jedidiah Hostetler (Little Hoss) for his remarkable efforts.

Saturday night, the devotional thought was given by Nathan Reeves. He shared his testimony in how God has continued to bless his life. He was born January 31, 1984 to the most amazing parent. He has lived many places and traveled a great deal. In college he found a moment that happens to everyone at some time. He hit a wall and gave up to God's power and control. He asked for God to heal his father and prayed that God take over his life. From that point, he began to change his way of living to allow a focus on God's will. Psalm 139 was an encouragement, as it states that God knows everything about us. God has put certain people in all of our lives. God puts these people in our lives for a reason--you just need to look for it. "You can't mistake what God is doing in your life."

Sunday, we had church service before checking out and going to the airport. Terry Reeves gave a sermon that summed up the past few weeks. He encouraged us to remember all that had happened in Honduras. We should continue strong and follow God's plan for our lives back in the States.

Nos vemos (We'll see you),