Our Mission Statement

Sunday, July 17

Games All Day Long

Saturday, July 16
Breakfast was heaven today. One of the cooks (sweet, little old lady) took time to prepare by hand some donuts and pastelitos (pastries) with strawberry filling. We also had fruit and (don’t ask me why) grilled cheese sandwiches. ??? It must be a Honduras thing.

Matthew Taylor from Freed (and KY) gave an uplifting devotional talk. He used Psalms and Revelation in reference to the things we see here in this world that we will not see in Heaven. We will not experience the pain, heartache, and tears from many things, including the following: older people who are frail, poverty, and hungry children.

Today all 92 of us packed three buses for quite an adventure. It was nice for the entire team to be able to work together. Most days we are split and don’t have the same stories and experiences. It is a blessing to have so many to be able to reach so many. However, the unity was crystal clear today.

We arrived at Good Shepherd Orphanage (run by an American family) to host a carnival for the kids there. We had a game of soccer, a coloring area, hand stamping, and a place to construct a large dollhouse (surprisingly, Brian Henegar had several boys to help with this). We had many stations for the kids to be able to play games and win tickets: ring toss, beanbag throw, jump rope, hoola hoops, fishing for candy, number wheel, pin the tail on the donkey, bingo, knocking down the cans, and a water balloon throw. Once the kids acquired some tickets, they were allowed to come to the prize booth to “buy” something. We had a cotton candy machine and popcorn machine going for several hours. We even had a clown! A crew made peanut butter and honey sandwiches for all the kids. I am not sure who had more fun—us or the kids. And these kids were so well behaved! It was a blessing to spend the day with them.

We then traveled to a large athletic complex with several buildings and fields—including the field that Honduras’ Olympic team uses to practice. [And let me not forget to mention the incredible food stand we found that sold pupusas.] Our fabulous group of guys (who looked very sleek in their uniforms) played against a group of employees from American Airlines. Even though the ball stayed with our offensive side most of the first half, it took many shots to finally score. However, once started, we got on a good roll. The final score was 8-5 with goals by the following: Rodolfo (5), Shane (2), and Nathan (1).

Back at the mission house we had chicken in a gravy sauce with mixed vegetables (carrots, green beans, and broccoli) in a mayo sauce and rolls. We had some time to relax and shower before going down to the chapel.

It was a great day followed by a powerful devotional. Mark Herrera from Miami gave his lesson on “No Limit Love”. He used II Corinthians 11:27 and II Timothy 2:11 as his references. He spoke of tribulations and trials that we may face for Christ. However, there is a place where the strongest Christian would turn his back on Christ—in his mind. We have total control over our minds. Yet, it is in our minds that we often drop our guard. Do we edify or destroy our minds? Is your mind a place where you could have people over at the last minute? Or would you have to do some major cleaning before opening the door?

“Where did you see Jesus?”
· In Brandy Barnett as she dressed up and made the kids smile.
· In Mallory who played with a little girl all day. When Mallory put down the child as we were leaving, the little girl began to cry and Mallory comforted her as best as she could.
· In Neal trying his best to speak Spanish and playing with the kids. Even when he would make a mistake speaking, the kids and he would have even more fun laughing at what was done.
· In Brenda Myers working with some older girls, teaching them songs.
· In Rich Guthrie who just returned from Iraq. He has been the silent support guy with a smile on his face doing all the small things that needed to be done.
· In our soccer team who prayed before and after the game with the opponents. The focus on Christ was obvious.
· In Johnny, a six-year-old boy with only one leg. He just hobbled around on his crutch and had a blast playing and even translating for us.
· In a little girl named Katie who gave her picture of her and Brandy to Brandy so that Brandy could remember her.
· In a little boy who saved up 20 tickets to get a large stuffed bear for his sister.
· In two children talking with a TORCH member. When asked if they were brother and sister, they replied that they were in Christ—such a young age with such a profound statement.
· In all the kids, because they were so behaved and patient.
· In a lady who worked at the orphanage who had been there seven years. She is twenty and decided to stay and help once she was old enough to leave. It was amazing to see the love she had for the kids, who she said were her family members.

Con amor,

[On a side note, many of you read my message stating that I would be leaving Honduras. It has become apparent that God wants me here, because trying to get an early flight home has been impossible. However, I will continue to share the duties of correspondence with Brandy Barnett. Monday, I will be traveling to Choluteca while she stays here and continues communication.]