Our Mission Statement

Friday, July 8

God Answers Prayers

Thursday, July 7
Another day of toast for breakfast (but this time we also had eggs). Our 8:00 am devotional talk was given by Ed from the Palmetto group. He simply said for us to “remember why we are here.” Our ultimate goal is to lead these people to God. Here we have a spirit of wanting to help people to Christ that needs to continue when we get home. He advised us to take our servant hearts back home with us.

Once again, we split several ways to cover the many needs of the day. About five people traveled on a bus with the construction crew. They were dropped off at the building where “Mi Esperanza” is housed. There they toured the facility and learned about the program in greater detail. [The entire group was given a short presentation during our devotional time. It is an amazing and powerful work being done here in Honduras for the women. Please take time to view their website and learn more.] These five people then met up with the large group to go to the hospital.

A large group went to the bodega and loaded up on supplies to hand out. From there they traveled to the special needs orphanage. No groups have visited since Terry’s May trip, so the need for interaction was vital. About 25 kids live there—all with some type of disability. Some are mental and some are physical. The time spent there is a heart-wrenching; for many of the children, we simply hold them as if they are toddlers. We love on them and play with those who are able to do so in some manner. Thank you to all of you who donated stuffed animals—between here and the hospital, the desire for such is remarkable. This group then met up with the five who went to Mi Esperanza to go to the hospital. Clothes, toys, and candy were given out while we blessed with the strength, contentment, and faith of the children and the parents.

Anyone that has visited Honduras in the past few months will tell you that the rain has been overwhelming. When we arrived, we had planned to build many houses in San Miguel. However, because of the intense rain the week before our arrival, it was impossible to get back through the roads to the families. So, what did we do? Prayed to our awesome and caring Father above. It is an obvious testament to His will that we have had no rain in that area so that the water could recede and land dry up. We have had four beautiful (not just no rain or little rain—but beautiful) days of weather to allow us to build on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Valley of Angels and then today in San Miguel.

When the two construction teams arrived, one house had wood and was ready to go. The other team had to unload and distribute wood and tear down the frame of the remaining structure. As anyone could guess, the second team finished about one and a half hours after the first team. But…wait for it…here came the rain. About an hour before the second team finished, you could smell the moisture in the air and see the dark clouds moving in. Ironically, we all became frantic, running around, trying to “beat” the rain. Looking back, we realize that this was not necessary—God had his hand in it the entire time. The very last nails were driven in and the last two boards were cut. Exactly after that moment, you could feel very few rain drops. We gathered the family inside the house to pray with them and present them with the plaque stating that the Palmetto group had provided their new home. We then climbed a short but very steep hill to the vehicles. As soon as we all were at the top, the floodgates opened. There was no coincidence or luck—God knew what we needed and provided to the exact moment so that there was no doubt in anyone’s mind.

Back at the mission house, we had another wonderful meal—chicken, rolls, and spaghetti noodles with vegetables mixed in. Then we did what was needed to make any trip to Honduras complete…we played soccer. Most of the group loaded up the buses to go to what is called an “indoor court”. However, it is more like a concrete basketball court with a roof and fencing along the sides. You feel outdoors but are covered from the rain.

Once everyone was back, we had a late 9:45 pm devotional. Because of the time, we did not have a time period for “Where did you see Jesus?” Yet, our speaker did a good job of sharing his testimony and showing God in his life. Danny Bratcher of the Rural Hill group is a firefighter in Nashville who is giving up all his securities to follow God’s path. He has sold many of his possessions (house, boat, jet ski, truck) to get out of debt so that he can quit his job and move to Texas to study at a Bible college called Sunset. What faith! He inspired us to leave the things of this world behind and follow what God has laid out for each of us.

Vaya con Dios (Go with God),

***Friday we leave for our retreat at Lake Hojoa. We will be stopping at an orphanage along the way to spend time with approx. 60 kids. Please pray for our safe journey and for the preparations we make to come home. The hardest part about coming to Honduras is the actual departure. We always leave part of our hearts here. Please know that your loved ones are anxious to see you, but they will not be the same as when they left. For many of the first-timers, culture shock will be more than they anticipate. Please keep all of this in mind.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my point people. Allen, David, Karen, Laurie, Ryan, Mardee, Margaret, Judy, Rachel, and Trish—you have done a great job, and I know the people back home are very grateful for your hard work.
I am not aware of any Internet capabilities at the lake. If there is a chance for me to get online, I will be writing. However, do not be alarmed or distressed if you do not hear anything until your loved ones arrive in the States.
Thank you again to all of you for every role you have played in this incredible experience. Thank you for the financial support, the donations, the encouragement. And thank you especially for the prayers. It is such a comfort to know that even so far away, people are lifting up each of us to our Heavenly Father.
We love you and look forward to sharing the journey of faith we have just traveled.***