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Saturday, July 16

I love this place

I have been in Honduras for the past 16 days working with some of the most wonderful people you could ever ask to meet. It has been such a busy time that I have not had the chance to get on a computer to write until tonight. We have been going at such a fast pace, working on project after project, starting early in the morning and ending late at night. As tired as we get there are so many thoughts that come to mind as I reflect each night before passing out to sleep. Even with the guided journal we are using on our trip it is hard to keep the thoughts and emotions that are running wild right now.

The first trip, in May, was a fantastic group. 30 strong, mainly college students, we got the ball rolling in such a positiive way. Then the second team, the July 1 team, came down. We had 98 on the team from all over the country. Even with the rain working ever against us, we were able to get so many things done that it was really amazing. Now the third, and final group of my teams, are here. They came down, all 92 of them, with such energy and excitiement that it has kept the momentum going at a near break-neck speed! It is amazing and unbelievable how God is using such a group as ours. Even with all of our weaknesses He finds ways to make us strong in His work down here.

There is such a unity among the groups and the team work is the best I have ever seen in the 15 years I have been coming to Honduras. So many have stepped up to carry loads to make big teams work well. It is amazing too, since I can easily remember not so long ago smaller teams that focused on one, maybe even two, projects a day. Now we are going multiple directions everyday participating in ministry opportunities that greatly vary. Our teams are being challenged to go and do the work of Jesus in ways that totally blow my mind. Just last week there were 2 Torch teams here at the same time. 170 strong, not counting Tim Hine´s or Mark Connell´s interns. On any given day 5 buses were transporting teams to work sites. We had 2 delivery trucks carrying lumber and supplies daily, not counting the rental trucks or SUV´s that Tim owns. We literally have a fleet of vehicles right now and I see every indication of more and more growth in the next few years.

Our young people are receiving valuable training and experience to carry them into the future of work within the church. Our adults are growing in number, using vast knowledge and experience that they had gained over the years. And the amazing thing is to watch the youth and the adults work side by side. Each teaching and learning from each other. What a concept. Think about that for a moment. And the coolest part about it is the fact that we are all better off.

I love it here in Honduras. I love my congregation back home in Sarasota, Florida, that supports this work so much. I love my elders who are so understanding and see the importance of allowing me to be here to lead these teams. I love the supporting congregations that participate in this work. We have such unity and purpose working together down here. I love all of those who dedicate a part of their summer to be here to work in the kingdom. And I love the visions, hopes, and goals of those who come down as they consider their roles down the road. Wow.

As we continue the trip we look forward to the challenges we will be facing. Our team is well prepared and equipt for the tasks at hand. We will not be the same people as when we first arrived, but seasoned fighters in the war against the evil one. He is at work here, but we have our eyes firmly set on Jesus and we will prevail!!! God bless you all back home, keep us in your prayers. Until next time, Dios te bendiga!


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