Our Mission Statement

Friday, July 15

Another day at Santa Ana

Thursday, July 14
A mixture of bacon and eggs, toast with all the fixings, and pineapple started the day with a good jolt. The morning devotional was led by Jeremy Quillian of Sarasota, Florida. He spoke about how God has a purpose and reason for each of us being in Honduras—through trials and tribulation.

All 90 of us bombarded the two buses to head to Santa Ana. A group of 25 took a bus to the nearby community to distribute flyers to invite adults and children to a Bible study and VBS. Everyone else moved cement bags (94 pounds each), mixed and poured cement, shoveled sand and gravel into wheelbarrows to transfer to other areas, and dug footers for a wall (in poop mud, I might add). The highlight of the day had to be the two hours of constant, steady rain.

After lunch, the evangelism team returned from giving flyers. Shortly after their return, the students began to flock into our midst. The VBS went well with coloring, singing, balloon tossing, and a storytime led by Esperanza. The adults spent time in Bible study with Dr. Joe Roberts and Michelle as a translator; all of them received New Testament Bibles.

We left early at 3:00 pm, because the rain had made a significant dent in the construction work. Once again, we rode one hour on a bus in wet and cold clothes—yippee! On the way, we saw the hand of God working. Our gas gauge was broken on the bus, and we realized just in time to coast into a gas station.

Back at the mission house, we had salad, chicken, rice, and rolls for supper. YUM! Then a large group loaded the buses to go to Mas O Menos (large grocery store in town). People stocked up on food and some splurged on ice cream.

Devotional was led by A.B. of El Salvador. He asked, “What are you doing here and why?” He encouraged us to be a vessel for Christ while here. God is an engineer who works everything at a perfect time. Being here, we are fulfilling God’s purpose. There are three types of soil, and we need to be the best. We need to focus and follow the way God is leading us.

Su amiga,