Our Mission Statement

Tuesday, July 26

Thank you to everyone!

Back in the States
Thank you to everyone who made every moment of this trip possible. Whether or not you were present in Honduras, you made a significant impact.

To those who supported us...thank you for your encouraging and supportive words. Thank you for the material and financial donations. Thank you, especially, for the countless prayers you lifted up on our behalf.

To my computer people...thank you to everyone who took time to read the daily messages and wrote back to us homesick friends. Thank you to my fabulous point people: Allen, David, Karen, Laurie, Ryan, Mardee, Margaret, Mrs. Roberts, Rachel, and Trish. Thank you to the TORCH people that helped many late nights: Brandy Barnett (the world's best intern), Katie Wells, Wendy Allen, Esperanza Massana, Hannah Wood, Ross Vego, Joseph Noto, and Jack Lipsey.

To the TORCH members...thank you for pouring out your hearts to the people of Honduras. Thank you for every smile, embrace, and kind word (even if it was in broken Spanish). Thank you for every heavy rock you lifted, every nail you hit (every thumb you hit), and every rain drop you endured. Thank you for seeking the will of God and allowing Him to use you daily. Remember that we are all "children of the King" and can do His work in the States, also.

Galatians 6:10,