Our Mission Statement

Thursday, July 7

Divide and Conquer

Wednesday, July 6
Breakfast consisted of the usual toast with jam and peanut butter options. However, we had a nice spread of fresh fruit added today.

The devotional thought was given by Danny Thomas of the Palmetto group. He did a great job of relaying how we need to let the plans fall as God intends. He mentioned the story of Martha and Mary in Luke 10. How many times does God have to tell us to relax and focus on the more important task?

We divided and conquered today! The medical team left out at 7:15 this morning to go to a very remote village 1.5 hours outside the Valley of Angels. They ended up treating 450 people before 4:00 pm. Is that amazing or what? The most impressive factor has to be the fact that they did not turn anyone away. Usually, the medical team runs out of medicine and/or time before seeing everyone lined up outside of the building. [However, they did run completely out of Pepto Bismol and are low on cough medicine. Anyone coming on the July 13-24 trip, please bring as much of either of these as possible.] Exciting features of the day include the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made on the bus and the surprise delivery of 30 pizzas from Randy Kluge and his family.

The VBS team had a bittersweet day. They started out the day by making 100 more boxes of food that they delivered in the afternoon. Once they reached their destination, it was clear that they were going to have a blast. The last day of VBS with puppet shows and inspiring skits drew in a large crowd of approx. 350. The adult Bible study led by Mike Hollis was also appreciated. Drinks and sandwiches were given out, again. A cotton candy machine was a big hit. Games were played, Songs were lifted up, stickers were given, and balloon animals brought smiles. But the sidewalk chalk says it all.

A group of 22 people set out on the bus at 8:45 for the Valley of Angels. Once there, we split into two construction crews. Both crews had some trouble starting because of delays. One group did not receive their wood until 1:30 pm. Thanks to God bringing good weather, the hard work of everyone, and the help of Timateo and his son Milton we finished the house just as the sun was sinking below the nearby mountain range. We were late getting back for dinner, but the cooks saved us food—and we were extremely happy. Tonight we had meat sauce and/or alfredo spaghetti. YUM!

We were glad to see the return of the Choluteca group—they arrived ten minutes before devo. Ben Cooper of Sarasota, Florida gave a lesson on staying focused. Using a verse in Hebrews, he relayed the importance of avoiding discouragement.

“Where did you see Jesus?”
* In all of our translators who worked extremely hard at the medical clinic and at the VBS.
* In the construction workers from the Palmetto group—they are on fire for God.
* In Jorge, a 14-year-old living in the Valley of Angels, who is so giving of himself to help the TORCH team and the fellow Hondurans who live in his community.

***Just a reminder that we leave Friday for our retreat. I am unaware of what type of Internet capabilities (if any) I will have there. This means that you need to send any correspondence before Thursday 11:00 pm.***

Dios te ama (God loves you),