Our Mission Statement

Friday, July 22

The last days are near

Thursday, July 21
WOW!! Is this trip really almost over? I cannot believe how fast time goes by when you are working for the LORD. It seems like yesterday the first group arrived. Now we are at the end of the last group´s trip. I have to say it has been a pleasure keeping all of you informed on the progress being made here, but we´re still not finished...

Today started off like all other days with a great breakfast (eggs, ham, and toast). About eleven people left at about 7:30 am for Didasko to finish the playground. For the rest of us, Devo was at 8am. Nolan led singing this morning. Singing has been amazing, I wish all of you could be here to participate in it. After a few songs Paul Forshey from Kentucky gave us the lesson for the day. He talked about why he wanted to come to Honduras. He mentioned how God brought us all here for a reason. God put in this group so many different talents. He challenged us to go out today and use all our talents. Paul did a wonderful job, just like all the others have done.
After devo, we split up into three groups: a paint crew, construction crew, and a crew to do random things. The Didasko team continued there work on the playground. The kids were still so grateful. Matt Mitchell said that all the kids were willing to help out in anyway possible. Terry Reeves was telling us tonight that the team ran out of wood. The worst thing about this situation is none of the members on the team spoke English. Luckly, Terry was able to contact the director of the orphanage to ask if they could use some wood by a storage room. The director said, ¨No, but follow me.¨ He took Terry to the storage room and opened the door. Terry said that there was wood in the storage room. The director then said, ¨Anything of ours is yours.¨ He let Terry use all of the wood in the room, isn´t that awesome? Although the he let them use all of the wood there was still not enough. The team was unable to finish the playground today, but they are leaving at 5:30 am to finish it. These guys are troopers. The painting and construction team went to Nuevo Oriental to paint and build a house. This group worked non-stop all day. They left at 9 am and returned at at about 6:45 pm. They painted 2 and 1/2 houses and built one new home. They did awesome today. For last group today was a relaxing day. This group went out to the Valley of Angels to shop and distribute food. There were about 50 of us. About 8 went to distribute food, while the others shopped for gifts. When we finished there we left for lunch. After lunch we were able to go to the biggest Cathedral in Teguce. There we sang, might I add that there is a 5 to 7 second echo. Yes it was AMAZING!! At about 4 pm we left to go to the blind school. The Blind School is probably one of the most emotionally draining places we go. When we got there, we played with the kids, handed out toys, candy, etc. They loved it. After sometime playing, we went into a room where we sang a few songs for them. When we finished, they sang to us. Their singing will bring tears to your eyes (male or female). It is truely Heaven. They sang about 5 or 6 songs and by the last song there was not a dry eye in the building. God is Awesome!! When all the songs were sang, we took the kids back outside to play a little while longer. That time went by too fast. We left at about 5:45 pm headed back to the mission house.
We got back at the mission house at about 6:15, followed by the construction at 6:45, and then by the Didasko team at 7:30. We had roast, rice, and a roll for supper, it was wonderful as always. After supper we had devo at 8. Singing was led by our awesome leader, Terry Reeves, amazing once again. After several songs Pat Gutherie, from PA, gave the devo. Pat gave his testimony tonight. He has been through more than anyone could ever guess just by talking to him. He thanked Gracie and Rich Gutherie for the help they gave him. He said that if it hadn´t been for Gracie he would probably still be a ¨Sunday Christian¨ Praise God, that Pat has people in his life like Rich and Gracie. We all need to be willing to help each other, and Gracie is a great example for us all.

Tonight is our last night at the Mission House. We will all be home very soon. We love you all, and thank you for your prayers. God Bless You all!!

Where did you See Jesus?
Jesus was seen in a little boy at the Blind school who was being held by Brandy Barnett. The little boy put his hand one her chest and said this is my sister.
Jesus was seen in Steve Baker at the constuction sight. A little girl grabbed him and he played and talked to her all day.
Jesus was seen at the Blind school when the children were singing.
Jesus was seen in the community at Nuevo Oriental. The truck that delivered the tin got stuck in the mud and people from the community came to help push it out. While they did this a lady brought plates of food for the ones working to get the truck out.
Jesus was seen in the paint crew at Nuevo Oriental. They finished a lot sooner than the construction team and instead of complaining they played with the kids and helped out in anyway they could.
Jesus was seen in Carlos, the preacher at the Valley of Angels. We went to distribute food there today, but instead of distributing the food in the Valley, Carlos took the group to a community that has not had any help yet. It is so awesome to see his concern for not only the Valley people, but also the ones in the surrounding communities.

Thanks so much for all your prayers. We will be home soon. We miss you all and can´t wait to tell you our own personal stories.
In Him
Brandy B