Our Mission Statement

Friday, July 15

A New Beginning

Wednesday, July 13 (part two)
While the Crew was enjoying time with the children of Didasko, the new groups (Memphis, Nashville, Pennsylvania, Sarasota, Orlando, Alabama/Canada) hit the ground running. The veterans experienced a completely new beginning, and the rookies were thrown into a mix of hard work. Most of them received little to no sleep the night before their early morning flights. Yet, they dug into the work at Santa Ana with as much strength as they could muster.

Santa Ana is a piece of property purchased by IRC, an organization connected with TORCH, that is currently under construction and renovation. There are plans to build an orphanage, a police station, a church, an educational facility for Mi Esperanza, and a clinic. After a good day of work in what we affectionately call “poop mud”, the team loaded the bus (wet and dirty) to travel an hour to the mission house (Villa Gracia).

Villa Gracia is an amazing complex. We are truly spoiled while here. It sits atop a mountain with a stunning overlook perfect for reflection and Bible study times. Every morning, it seems as if you can cut the mist with a knife. The food is INCREDIBLE! I love our cooks! There is a chapel great for meeting together for devotionals. And the soccer field and basketball court get used at times.

Back at the mission house, the Crew met up and greeted the July 13th group. We gathered for dinner to have steak (yes, you heard me—read me, whatever), carrots and broccoli, rolls, and mashed potatoes that came straight from heaven. [Like I said, I love the cooks!] After dinner, everyone showered, unpacked, and relaxed until time for devotional.

Andy Polk from Nashville led the devotional thought tonight. He reflected on the expedition of the Crew the past few days. He stated, “I know nothing what it is like to live on the mountain.” The Kingdom of God is now, and it does not matter what culture, background, or experiences you bring to the trip. These people in Honduras are blessed by the fact that people care and help them.

Jesus es mi mejor amigo (Jesus is my best friend),