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Tuesday, July 19

God is Good all the Time

Tuesday, July 19
It has been an absolutely amazing day today. God has blessed us with two really beautiful days. He has held the rain for us and I hope He will continue to hold the rain off for the next couple days. Today we had breakfast between 7:00 and 8:00 am (toast, cereal, and fruit). Nolan led singing this morning, which was amazing. After a few songs Neil Hillis from Memphis, TN spoke to us. He spoke on how God sees all we do and the things we do not do. We are held accountable for all we do. Neil challenged us to give everyone a chance. On the day of Judgment we will hopefully not be looking back and saying “There’s another one, why didn’t I tell them about God?” He also challenged us to do our best and reach out to everyone we come in contact with. Neil did an amazing job.

After devo we broke up into two teams again. A team of 20 went back to Nuevo Oriental. There they painted four houses. Three of the houses were pink and half of another house was painted pink. The team ran out of pink paint so they finished the house in white. They will go back tomorrow to finish. This team also built a house while they were there. They started working at around 12pm and finished at about 5pm. Good job today team. Another construction team of nine went to Didasko orphanage to build a play ground, “Walt Disney World Honduras”. The structure will have three large towers with multi-levels, with slides, swings, suspension bridge, fireman poll, and a climbing rope. The neatest thing was they went out there Monday to meet with the director to tell them what there plans were, the director must have told the kids because as soon as they arrived this morning the kids already thanked them before they had begun. These children are very grateful for what they have, which is little. We should remember this and be grateful for the multitude of blessings that God blesses us with everyday. The remaining members went with the VBS team to the Valley of Angels today. The VBS team did an amazing job. Each person put on the show of there lives. We were all extremely tired before we got there, but as soon as we stepped of the bus our fatigue was lifted. God does amazing things to people while they are here and lifting fatigue is one of those things. It is hard to explain, it’s just one of those things you have to experience yourself. Neil Hillis helped Esperanza with the introduction today. He greeted them in Spanish, which was hysterical. Every time he wanted to say something he would ask Esperanza how to say and then repeat it like 10 times before actually saying it to the kids. The children loved his enthusiasm. When the skits began, which were wonderful, Mark and Nayanne took the adults to do an adult Bible study. After the Bible study was completed Nayanne took the ladies and studied more with them. When the skits and Bible study were finished, everyone had an opportunity to play with the children. We had TORCH members chasing kids, playing games, drawing, jump roping, etc. it was wonderful. The VBS team did an amazing job today, and I commend them for not letting the language be a barrier.

We left the Valley of Angels at about 4:45 pm, and got back to the mission house at about 5:45. We cleaned up and went to supper. We had an amazing meal tonight, salad, chicken, and pasta, yum yum!! After supper we loaded up the buses and went to Baskin’ Robins for dessert. We had an opportunity to sit down with our fellow brothers and sisters and talk about the day. It was defiantly an awesome day for everyone. Praise God!! My favorite saying is God is good all the time and all the time God is good, and today it was proven. God bless you all, good night.

Brandy B