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Monday, June 27

The time is now

3 days till the July 1 team leaves for Honduras. Last minute preparations are on the way as all of are getting ready. This is crunch time for most of us. I love this time, right before the trip. It is amazing how much I get done right before I leave. It reminds me of the term papers I wrote in college. Yes, my professor gave us several weeks to write the paper, but I didn’t need all of those extra days. I just needed a good 24 hours to research and write that 15 page paper! Same thing holds true now. Who needs weeks of preparation time, packing time, organizing time? Give me a couple of days and just let me go! I love power shopping at Wal-Mart!!!!

On a more serious note, I ask special prayers from all of you. From team members, parents, relatives, church members, and friends, please keep us in your prayers. I have been reading the blogs of the other teams that have been in Honduras and they have been working really hard down there. The rains have not let up and it has caused massive flooding and mud slides in and around Tegucigalpa. Nathan called me yesterday and told me that there have been several people that have died in the mud slides and that several churches have become relief centers for families that have lost their homes. Torch teams have served as relief teams to help provide food, clothes, and fresh water. They have been digging trenches to channel water away from houses and church buildings. They have assisted in a lot of ways that our teams do not normally do. As we get ready to go down our teams must be prepared to step up and do what is needed in any way that we can. We are on God’s schedule now.

To all of the team members, I pray for you to have a servant’s heart and to come prepared to serve and work as hard as you have ever worked before. We will face many challenges and opportunities in the next few weeks. Let’s be the hands and feet of Jesus. Let us be His mouth, His words. Let us be ready to rise to the challenge, to have the strength and energy, the faith and will power, to work this week. Let us have humble spirits and a willing heart. The work it at hand; its game time. Let’s roll.

Last minute check list:
• Make sure you have your passports!!!
• Spending money
• Bible
• Supplies (from packing list)
• Work gloves and eye protection (required)
• Gallon size zip lock bags
• Sandwich size zip lock bags
• Hat/ sunscreen/insect repellant
• Torch t-shirts and journals (if you already have them)
• Watch
• Pack extra work shoes (you will need them!)

Contact your team leader if you are not aware of flight schedule arrangements. After months of preparation and anticipation, the trip is here. Good luck, have a great trip down, see you in Honduras!


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