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Sunday, June 12

I can only imagine

Blogging is a really cool concept. I don’t know the history of it, all I know is it is a really great way to post information, ideas, thoughts, and comments. I am really thankful for Jennifer Arnold who set up our blogspot. She did a great job and has helped me learn some of the ins and outs of how to post my stuff. One of the coolest things about the blogspot is the hit counter. It keeps up with how many people log onto our site everyday. The counter logs each computer that logs on, not actual hits (I know that several check it two or more times a day). So the actual hits are far greater than what the counter shows. It is pretty cool to see how many people are reading the posts and following the information. It just goes to show how many are interested in Torch and the mission outreach that is taking place in Honduras.

I received several comments from my last article, “signs.” Some left comments on the blogspot while most were sent to me via e-mail. I am not a writer and do not consider myself a preacher, although a few called me that after reading the article, I just see myself as a Christian trying to do my part in the work of the kingdom, nothing more and nothing less. However, I am finding myself increasingly taking my Christianity more and more seriously. It seems that the older I get the more intense I get about my relationship with God and the work and I am speaking up more.

I think that for too many of us we are shallow and empty in our relationship with Jesus. We have grown up in a wealthy country with every convenience at our disposal. We have grown up in a Christian society and for many Christianity has very deep roots within our families. We have made religion part of our lives, not our life. We do “church” like we do other aspects of our lives. We go to work, we go to school, we go out to eat, and we go to church. For many, church is just another part of our daily or weekly schedules. And it carries about the same importance as all of the other stuff that we do. We can call in sick for work, skip a day of school, and miss a church service with about the same amount of effort and thought. We plan a night on the town, a weekend fishing trip, or a church service project with the same idea in mind, convenience. Will it fit into my schedule and will it put me out.

Maybe that is why going to Honduras is such a life changing experience. The Honduras mission trip is not just a part of our lives, for a few days, it is our life. For a few days we eat, sleep, drink, and breathe kingdom work. It becomes the very focus of who we are and what we do. It gets us realigned, kind of like going to a chiropractor. If you have ever gone to one, you know how good it feels when you are done. When you get out of alignment you go to the chiropractor to get straightened out. It feels great to be straightened out, too. Same is true when we go to Honduras. We feel great while we are down there (even though we are tired and exhausted mentally and physically).

Going to Honduras is a life changing experience for most of us who go. It gives us a chance to do something really worthwhile and meaningful. We get to do something that really makes a difference. And when we come home, we don’t see things the same way. We see how good we really have it. We see how much we really have. We see how rich we really are. And we see “church” in a different way too.

I wish everyone could experience the Honduras mission trip. I wish everyone could give up everything they had for a few days to go and do nothing but kingdom work. To be immersed totally into ministry. To know, feel, and see what our lives are supposed to be like. Do you think it would change the way things are at your home congregation??? You tell me! Imagine what the singing would be like. Imagine what worship would be like. Imagine the difference that would be seen in the ministry programs. Imagine how many would show up for work days at the church building. Imagine how the focus would change about the lost. Imagine what the contribution would be like. Imagine what the attendance would be like. Imagine the changes that would take place. Just imagine. Just imagine. That is the church that I want to be a part of. How about you?


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Anonymous said...

Ahem... you meant physical therapist, right? :)
You are on the ball, and challenging me as always,