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Wednesday, June 1

The work continues in Honduras

When we departed Tegucigalpa last Friday, 2 of our beloved team remained behind. Randy and Melissa Kluge, from the Central Church of Christ in Sarasota, Florida, stayed behind to do another week’s worth of work before coming home. These 2 are totally on fire for Torch and the work in Honduras. They have played a big part in much of the work that is going on right now in the Valley of Angels and other areas around the capital. 10 days was just not enough for them so they made arrangements with Tim and Gena and decided to keep right on working.

In the past 5 days since the team’s departure 3 additional houses have been built. The needy families, living in Nueva Oriental, now have beautiful new homes to live in. You can read more about the families and the work on Tim and Gena’s blog, www.waywalkers.blogspot.com . Besides all of this, Randy and Melissa are working on the new church building going up at the Valley of Angels. The project, overseen by the Central Church of Christ from Sarasota, and the Washington Street Church of Christ in Fayetteville, Tennessee, is on schedule to be completed by the end of July of this summer. Our July teams will be working on the building along with all of the other projects we have planned for the trips.

We are 30 days away from departing again with our July teams. The July 1-10 and the July 13-24 teams are both 100 strong and are biting at the bit to get down there to begin their work. Excitement is in the air as each day passes. Of course, before we get there 3 additional Torch teams will have already have been there to work. Summer is a busy time for mission work for Torch. Nearly 1,000 will participate with our programs this year!

As always, God bless you all that support and pray for us on a regular basis. We appreciate it so much and know it could not be done without the guidance we receive through Jesus Christ. We lift Him up in everything we do and seek to do His will always.

Wishing you the best.


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