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Sunday, May 29

May trip summary

I have received several e-mails asking for a brief summary of the things we did on our May trip. I don't do brief, but I will try my best. Here is a quick run down on the totals of our May trip:
* 1 day of visitation at Hospital Esquela
* Visit at the Blind School (with cotton candy!)
* Visit at the special needs orphanage
* Visit at the Dadasko orphange
* Tour of the IRC property at Santa Ana
* Visit at the Casitas Kennedy orphanage
* Food distribution at Nueva Oriental
* Built 3 new houses (2 in the Valley of Angels & 1 at Nueva Oriental)
* 3 days VBS @ Valley of Angels
* 3 days of adult Bible studies @ Valley of Angels
* Food distribution at San Miguel
* Painted the 3 houses inside and out
* 16 devotionals
* Worship service @ Los Pinos
* Approximately $1,000 contribution at church service
* 540 boxes of food distribution for needy families
* 300 pounds of food at Dadasko
* Food distribution equals 268,000 meals
* 2 pizza parties (560 pieces of pizza!)
* 2 days of work at the IRC warehouse bodega
* Provided paint for the San Miguel church building
* Distributed hundreds of toys and stuffed animals

We had a very busy and productive trip this year to Honduras. Isn't it amazing how much can be done when a team is focused and God is in charge? Once again, thanks to all that made this possible. To the July teams, I challenge you to be prepared to work this hard on your trip! Get ready, God has big plans for us! May God be honored in all that we do!


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