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Tuesday, May 24

On a mission from God

Good morning from Tegucigalpa. This will probably be our last log-in before we return to the states. Our trip has flown by and we are at the last 2 days of our trip. It seems so unfair in so many ways that we are going to be leaving so soon. In our minds we have only been here just a short while but we know back home it seems like we have been gone a long time. I guess it is all in your perspective. Never the less, here is the newest update from the team.

Today was another great day in Honduras. We awoke again with beautiful skies and sunshine. The dogs and roosters were outdone this morning with the singing of birds on campus. The breakfast crowd was slim today as most of the team was trying to catch a couple extra minutes of sleep. Morning devotional was led by Anibal Tamacus. AB is from El Salvador and works with is on all of our trips. He is a very dedicated Christian young man who is doing great service for God. He told of his story of growning up during the revolution in his country back in the 80's. His main point was allowing God to work in all situations. He mentioned so many missionaries that had infuenced his life and pointed him in the right direction.

We loaded up the bus and drove out to a beautiful area about 12 miles outside of town called Santa Ana. IRC purchased about 8 acres of land in this quaint Spanish village that will house a medical clinic, children's home, and a Mi Esperanza training center. There will also be a church building and a police post on the property. Tim is also building 8 duplexes on the property funded by the Cucuy foundation. Cucuy is a Honduran who is a radio talk show host in L.A. He has the largest radio audiance in America. His foundation funds several projects here and we have been able to participate with him. Tim gave a tour of the property as the group sampled the different fruit trees.

After the tour we drove back into town and went to Casitas Kennedy, a state run orphanage. This is the first place a child goes when they are pulled off of the streets. Some of these kids are rough and tough and have been through it all. There were 3 girls, all under 14, that were pregnant. Most have been abused and do not have family. The ones that have family have abonded them. It is a very sad situation here. Very few ever come to visit and need is every where. A Torch team in March came in and built a beautiful playground. It has swinging bridges and slides and 2 towers. The kids play on it everyday. We arrived with 40 pizzas and a lot of candy and toys to pass out.

As always, God was at work and was very visible. We had hoped to go to the Good Shepard Children's Home in Zanmarrono. It is a Christian based home and is totally awesome. However, the kids were in school today so we could not go. Casitas Kennedy was the back up plan. Last night a group of thugs broke into Casitas Kennedy and got into the kitchen. The kitchen staff had laid out lunch (chicken, beans, and rice) and the food was stolen. This morning the director was upset because she had no idea how they were going to feed the kids today because they had no more food and no money. When Tim called to ask if we could come for a pizza party she broke onto tears telling Tim that this was a miracle from God. Needless to say we were suppose to be there today.

After the visit to the orphanage we headed out to the Valley of Angels. We got there about an hour early so the group has a speedy shopping spree. About 3:45 the rains came again (amazing, isn't it?, right before the outdoor VBS was to begin. Din't stop us. We went on anyway, playing games with the kids in the shower. It cleared up about 25 minutes later and things went great. We stayed longest today because saying goodbye was hard to do. The classes for the adults went will, Dan Mann, the minister from the Bellview Church of Christ in Ocala, taught the classes. He served 2 years in the Peace Corps in South America and knows quite a bit of Spanish. He did a great job and freed up our translators to work with the kids.

Tonight after dinner we listened and watched a presentation by a Baxter team that is going to Mexico to start a church there. The team is made up of 3 couples and 2 single men. These guys are some of the most talented that have graduated from Baxter. One was the head of his graduating class. They plan to go to the province of Tabasco, on the gulf coast. They are currently working at Los Pinos and have made a huge impact there. We then had our evening devotional. Dan Mann spoke. He spoke of the power of God to use any event to make something good of it. He said not all things are good but that good can come through all things. He said it was OK to ask why, even Jesus did it as he hung on the cross. It was a very stirring and powerful message (preachers are suppose to be able to do that, right?)

Tonight everyone is to pack up there stuff to get ready for retreat. We plan to leave at 9:30 am. If I get a chance I will try to send out a quick note tomorrow. If not, keep us in your prayers while we travel. God bless you all, take care until we return.


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