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Tuesday, May 3

Update for May Group

Once again, it is time for another update...

  • 14 days until the May departure
  • 59 days until the first trip in July
  • 71 days until the second trip in July

May 10th: Next payment is due (complete balance for May group).
June 20th: Final payment for both July groups.

* May 17 team members please remember to be at your hub airport (either Nashville or Miami) at least 1 1/2 hours before departure time. Nashville team needs to be at the airport no later than 4:45 am and Miami team 10:00 am. Nashville team meets at the Continental Airlines ticket counter and the Miami team meets at the American Airlines counter.

* Make sure all checked luggage has the yellow Torch ribbon tied securely to each bag. Steve Kemp will have them for the Nashville group and Terry Reeves for the Miami group.

* Please check in as a group. Do not check in by yourself, we want to make sure we have a complete listing of baggage for the trip (just in case something gets lost). Steve will collect all baggage claim tickets for the Nashville group and Terry will collect baggage claim tickets for the Miami group. This will make baggage claim in Tegucigalpa quicker and more efficient.

* All team members need to bring at least 1 box of zip-lock sandwich bags and 2 boxes of gallon size zip-lock storage bags with them. These will be used for the VBS snack packs and for the food distribution projects.

* Remember to bring $20 to help pay for your exit fee this year.

* Recommended spending money is $100, we will be going out to eat a couple of times and there will always bee opportunities to buy snacks. Also remember we will have a day for shopping for gifts to take home.

* Pillows, towels, sheets, and blankets are provided by the Mission House but you might want to bring an extra towel with you (or a favorite pillow).

* Rooming assignments will be given out once we are at the mission house.

* Bring your own work gloves and eye protection (sunglasses are OK), they are required at construction work sites this year. We will have them for sale in Honduras if you forget yours. Money will go into the work fund!

* Be familiar with the rules sheet, just because you signed and notarized it doesn't mean you know the rules! Failure to have notarized rules sheet on file will cost you $10 for a notary to notarize a form once we get to Honduras.

~Terry Reeves

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