Our Mission Statement

Saturday, April 30


Many have questioned through the years the real benefit of short term missions. "A team that goes in for a week or two surely can't make any kind of impact, can it?" Short term mission trips are "feel good" trips designed to give participants a warm fuzzy feeling, right? "The time and money spent on a short term trip could be better used at home!" You might be surprised at some of the things I have heard over the years about short term missions in general, and Honduras missions specifically.

I believe that short term mission trips are vital to the success of spreading the good news about Jesus around the globe. I believe that short term missions can play a big part in the development of future missionaries that will be working full time in the field. I also believe that short term missions are one of the best ways to keep people "mission minded" as they work in their chosen career fields. And I certainly believe that the time and money that goes into short term mission trips can make a huge impact in an area.

In the past 15+ years Torch Missions has been working in Honduras. During this time Torch has worked side by side with stateside congregations and full time missionaries to do mission work in one of the poorest countries on our side of the world. Working with Baxter Institute, a preacher training school in Tegucigalpa, Torch has made significant contributions in Honduras. Meeting the physical needs of the people has earned us the wonderful opportunity to teach about Jesus Christ and his church.

Torch has built hundreds of houses, distributed tons of food, and has given out hundreds of thousands of pieces of clothing and shoes. Torch has helped build several church buildings, visited thousands in the hospitals, and has ministered to hundreds upon hundreds of orphans. Torch medical teams have seen countless numbers of patients, many whom have never seen medical staff before. The list could go on and on, but the point is short term missions can and is making a difference.

Taking the work seriously, putting your heart and soul into the work, and applying the Christian principles that we are to live by make short term missions work. Keeping God at the forefront of all we do makes it successful. Spreading the good news about Jesus Christ is still as important today as it was 2,000 years ago when the church began. We cannot lose focus of that fact and we must continue to find ways to do it.

I rejoice in the opportunities that are before us as we prepare to go to Honduras this summer for our short term mission trips. I admire those of you who have chosen to go this summer. I thank all of those who are staying behind that have helped donate money and supplies. And I appreciate the prayer warriors that are praying for our team and the trips. Are we going to make an impact this summer? What do you think!

~Terry Reeves


judy mitchell said...

We're not just about putting drops in a bucket, we're about lighting firest...

Michael Nevin said...

Saying that short-term missions are useless is like saying tilling the soil with fertilizer is a waste of resources.

I too will be going on a short term mission. I am traveling to Ethiopia this July.

Love to have your input at my blog.