Our Mission Statement

Sunday, April 17

Preparing for Jesus

Here we are...

  • 30 days away from the May departure
  • 75 days from the first trip in July departure
  • 87 days from the second trip in July departure

Can you believe it? Are you preparing for this awesome, life-changing time in your life? Don't waste any opportunities to prepare yourself for the time we will be in Honduras.

Things to be checking on:

  1. April 20th deadline for all paperwork (late fees will be applied)
  2. May 10th next payment and May 20th everyone paid in full
  3. Luggage requirements have changed. The maximum limit for all international baggage is 50 pounds. Anything 51 - 70 pounds is a $25 fee. More than seventy pounds is a $100 fee to be paid by the owner of the bag.
  4. Check your passport..."Everyone needs to check their expiration dates on their passports. If a passport expires within 90 days of departure, US Customs may not let you back in the country. New law just went into effect. There is a grace period now, but it will not be in effect by summer. This is VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!" --Terry Reeves
  5. Prayer...Are you praying??? The most important preparation that can take place is our petition to the Lord to bless our efforts and guide our travels. Request your friends and family to pray for those of us going to Honduras as well as the people we will encounter.

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