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Wednesday, May 25

On the road again

Good morning. Randy Kluge, the slave driver, got me up at 6:00 morning. What is with this guy? He just robbed my of an hour of good sleep. Oh well, getting up early allowed me to get over to Tim's house this morning for one last update.

Today we are going to be leaving Teguc around 9:30. We still have about 45 boxes of food that we plan to give out on the way to Tamera. Tamera is where the women's prison is located. We are going to stop near there at an orphanage called Dadasco. It is a state run orphanage that is very poorly funded. We have about 400 pounds of food to give them and we have saved our last bags of toys and candy to give out there. Can't wait!!! The kids here are wonderful.

From there we will be driving up to Lake Yojoa for our retreat. Will will have a day and a half of down time to reflect and process the events of the mission trip. This is really important before we come back to the states. We have done so much and seen things we have never seen before. Processing all of this is important before we come back to the richest country in the world. We will get a chance to see some of the most beautiful scenery in Honduras on this trip as we cross over 4 different mountain chains to get there. We will be way up in the Santa Barbara mountains at the edge of the rain forest. As much as we hate leaving the work we are also looking forward to the retreat.

Thank you for reading the blogs, I hope you have enjoyed them. This is my first attempt at doing this and have no idea what I am doing! I have a huge respect for Jennifer Arnold who will be doing this for our July trips!!! May God bless us today as we travel. We love you all, Cristo te ama.



Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome. I love the blog spot! I am so glad SOMEONE finally understands. RANDY IS A SLAVE DRIVER!!!! Thanks for taking him off my hands for a while. Well TTFN, my prayers are with ya'll and looking forward to ya'll coming back home. I gotta go now I have swimming, I mean work to do. Love Dee W.

Anonymous said...

I know you guys did an awesome job!!!! I am so proud of ya'll. And I want to see pictures. I love ya'll and I am still praying for ya'll.

Love Ya
Brandy B