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Sunday, July 20

A Palmetto Posting: The End is Very Near

Our last morning at Villa Gracias, Tegucigalpa and most of us are stirring.

The Raleigh group left at 8 AM Eastern Time (6 AM here) for their 4 and 1/2 hour bus ride to San Pedro Sula and then home tonight. It was great to get to know all those guys and gals. Most of them who I spoke with indicated that they had learned a lot and that they were likely to make another trip, but only God can determine that.

The Palmetto group will be leaving at 9 to make our journey. We have had some fun times, some hard work, and some emotional experiences. Some have battled illness, others have been blessed with good health. All have stories to tell.

On Saturday, the some of both groups took a group of kids from the Didasko orphanage to the water-park. It was cooler than any of might have liked, but the kids had fun, and so did we. It is a joy to meet up with these kids a year later and see how they are doing. As expected, most have grown, some now too sophisticated (read that as "teenagers") to hang with the gringos, while the little ones still want you to be a part of their fun.

The Lexington and Tennessee groups joined us back here at Villa Gracias last night. They seem to have had an enjoyable time, too. One thing I particularly like about these trips is meeting fellow Christians from all over. So far there have been folks here from Texas, Tennessee, both Carolinas, Mississippi, Florida, Ohio, and I am certain someplace I forgot. Regardless of some of our personal opinions on "scriptural things" back home, here we are all united in Christ, in our efforts to serve in His name, and in our desire to bring Glory to God. How great is that?!

Before closing I need to thank, on behalf of our specific teams, our home churches for their great support of these efforts. We serve in the name of Jesus Christ. Many of you sacrifice financially or with your time, so that we can serve. Thank you! Once we are home we will post pictures of our trip and begin sharing our personal experiences.

I will not be able to make a post tonight, unless I can find a computer in San Pedro Sula. So, let us treat this as our last blog for this trip. May God grant us safety in our remaining travels.

God is good! All the time!---Timothy E.

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