Our Mission Statement

Tuesday, July 8

Missing Files

Here are a couple stories from some of the team members that were, accidentally, misplaced.

July 4th (God Bless America)

Today we went to Good Shepherd Orphanage to build a tower for the playground, which Ashley and Brittany were exclusively involved in. While the building was happening, Diana and other group members played with the precious kids to keep them occupied and away from the construction site. We were amazed at the amount of English the Honduran kids knew and at their joy and excitement throughout the day. They were very friendly and just happy to have someone there to love and comfort them. All in all, the day was a blessing to us, as we are sure it was for them. We were very blessed to ae this opportunity and are still receiving it’s blessings!

-Hilldale Church of Christ (Diana, Brittany, Ahsley)

July 4th

Today I went to build a house in Nueva Oriental. I have never been on the construction team and honestly wasn’t extremely excited about the whole thing, but I had heard so many good things. So, I decided to go! It seemed like it took forever to get started but once we did no one was going to stop. Everyone did their part to get the house on this land finished. Children, along with their mothers, watched, played and helped us. They knew this was not going to be their house but the unity among the community kept the people helping their neighbors. I saw Jesus through the eyes of so many today and after 5 hours of work a deserving woman received a beautiful house complete with a flower pot filled with flowers, steps to her doorway, and a breath taking view of the mountains. I understand why people love construction because I can point to a home and say that is something God gave me the ability to do today!

-Katie Hillis (Memphis)

July 4th

Day 7! What an amazing day. In America today is the 4th of July, one of my personal favorite holidays, and though I’m here I was a little sad when I woke up, but I should have known better. Surely God wouldn’t allow me to be upset about something that happens every year, when for some this is a once in a life time kind of deal! I have witnessed so many amazing things since I’ve been here. But, today was nothing short of marvelous and miraculous! The day started like they all do, breakfast at 7, devo at 8, and then cam our assignments! I got chosen to go build a home for a lady in Nueva Oriental, who had no home. I had never been part of something like that. Everyone was so eager to learn and more eager to help. First came the frame then the sides, back, floor, and the roof and front all at the same time. No one wanted to stop until it was perfect and now looking back at the pictures from ground zero to finish, it’s just beautiful, and I got to be a part it. Today was not just a blessed day for the family who received a new home, but me and all the people who went t the village to help.

-Brittany (Sarasota)