Our Mission Statement

Tuesday, July 8

Bring it on home!

Well..the time has come for me to write the last blog for this trip. It is all so bitter sweet. I want to come home and see my family and my dog and my roommate, but I want so badly to stay here with the people I have grown so close to. All things must come to an end though. This entire trip we have had lessons on bringing what we have seen, heard, and learned home to all of you. I'm not sure how words can describe what I feel for Honduras, but I pray that I can share with all of you the love I have for this beautiful place, and the beautiful people. However, before I get all sappy, I want to tell you about our day today.

Today was the last day of our retreat. There was so much going on between everyone that I hope that I can cover it all. Many of us enjoyed the beach, some laid out, some body surfed, and others just buried one another in the sand. Some went to the pool and played pool volleyball. Others in the pool enjoyed the slide, which was very fun. Also on the beach people played beach volleyball. Some people went horse back riding for like three hours. I will let Devin tell you all about that adventure!! Some were able to go golf, which is interesting to me, but they did. Some of the TORCH members slept, something that is very much needed. All in all the day was lovely!!

Devin's adventure!!
I got the chance to go horse back riding on the beach. I couldn't pass this up. I could never get this chance back in the states. There were three of us in my group. We walked, trotted, cantered, and galloped all up and down the beach for three hours straight. We rode through the water and we even found a couple of trails. By the time our three hours were up, we all were so sore, we could hardly walk over to have dinner.

Everybody had some type of adventure today. It was a beautiful day too. At devo, we were led in our thoughts by Terry Reeves!! Terry talked about the importance of taking what we have learned back with us. We can not physically bring Honduras back to the states, however, we can bring the love we have back. I hope and I pray that we can bring a piece of Honduras back home to all of you, so that you can all share in our joy. Even though our trip is over we must still pray for the people here. They need our thoughts, and our prayers.

Thank you all for reading the blog and praying for us. I hope that you were able to share in our happiness here. We will be home soon and I hope you are ready for us to "Bring it on Home"! It has been my pleasure to share the experiences of everyone with you guys. Thank you for your patients and the e-mails I received. If you want to leave any comments you know what to do (brandyb06@gmail.com)

Until next year,
Brandy B