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Tuesday, July 1

Get out of your comfort zone!

Get out of your comfort zone!

July 1, 2008

Today was an incredible day!! A lot of people were taken way out of there comfort zone today. Many of us were challenged to do something that we have never done before. Like any other day we got up and had breakfast between 7 and 8am. This morning we had eggs, ham, toast and (most important) coffee!!!! At 8am we went to the chapel for morning devotional. Bud from Memphis led us in our thoughts this morning. He told us to be patient with him that he only had 12 points (haha). He did a really great job encouraging everyone to see Jesus in everything today. He talked about how important it was to truly see Him in all that is done. It was such a great start for the day.

Once devo was finished we divided into groups. We had a construction group, a visiting/ work crew, a crew that went to the Manna Project, and a group that went to the warehouse. After we divided we got our things and loaded the buses.

The Hospital/work crew

Today we began by visiting Hospital Escuela. The Children there are always as much of a blessing to us, as we could ever be to them. Simple balloons or stickers absolutely made the day of the kids in the orthopedic ward of the hospital. After playing for a couple hours we gave out food to the kids and their families. After lunch we finished our time with the kids with an assortment of hot wheels and other games. After saying our good byes at the hospital we made our way down town to unload what may have been the world’s most tightly paced trailer. Although it was hard work, with the use of an assembly line we knocked it out quite efficiently. Overall it was a wonderful day of service to our Lord

-Travis Shivers (Ashland City, TN)

In the burn unit about 10 TORCH member spent 4 – 5 hours with about 14 children and their families. Eight of the kids were in the actual burn unit, which only 2 visitors were allowed in at 1 time. Some of the kids were in so much pain that they could only lay and cry. A few wanted to play (one boy rolled a car on the floor for 15 solid minutes). Six of the kids were in a room without visitor limits. Most TORCH members spent time in their room; reading building puzzles making balloon animals, etc. We served meals to the parents and children. I believe we did well acting as a blessing from God to them toady.

-Brian (Pennsylvania)

When I first heard the areas we could volunteer to work in today, well, I’ll just go ahead and be honest: I really wasn’t thrilled about any of them except for the house build, but since that one was restricted to men, and I am clearly not male, I couldn’t go on that one. I was selfish I guess, because I was thinking about myself. Knocking plaster off a wall wasn’t appealing, but the other choices involved kids. I’m SO awkward when it comes to kids, babies, and all that follows. Seriously, babies at my home church would cry when they saw me. But I went to the hospital anyway, feeling very uncomfortable with staying in a room for 4-5 hours with children. It was definitely awkward for me, and it was probably very clear to everybody that I’m not a kid person, but just being around the kids in the cancer unit ended up being so rewarding. They were so happy to have people talking with them, visiting them, playing with them. Just the time and energy [and yes, the toys] that we spent with the kids meant so much to them. Stickers, bubbles, dolls, a smile, a hug. It made the kids glow. I’ve never seen so many kids [who had every reason to be unhappy] smiling, laughing, and glowing. When we passed out sandwiches and apples and juice to them, they were so appreciative. The kids really taught me a lesson today. I need to get over myself and stay joyful in all circumstances. The kids were a bigger blessing to me than I could ever have been to them.

-Sierra Thomas (Columbia, South Carolina)


Today, a group of about 10 of us went to a village TORCH does not often visit to rebuild a house that burnt down a few weeks ago. The lady who has owned the house died in the fire and it was the niece who wanted to rebuild it for her family. It was astonishing to see how thrilled these two women and about six children were when we finished this 400 sq. ft. house. It was like they just won the lottery. Between bonding with the kids and building this tiny home I felt like we were a huge blessing to that family.

-Alex Jackson (Nashville, TN)


Today the singing Gringa Jenny got to go back to Mololoa to the feeding center wit a team to help put old tires in the mud to make stairs to feeding center to help the steep stairs from the eroding. It was a hot and difficult job. Jenny, Kim, and time and Patti worked inside the kitchen all day singing and cooking chicken feet stew to feed the sweet children their one hot meal for the day. Each child got one chicken foot (yes you read correctly, a chicken foot) one vegetable that is not a potato but like one, and a spoon full of rice with chicken brooth over it and of course Kool Aid and a tortilla! Lots of singing and serving and endless dishes, Kim heard all day “uno mas (one more), but there was always one more!! When the work day was done, the whole group washed the 6 kitchen workers feet and hands, rubbed their hands and feet with lotion and then painted their finger and toe nails. Then we did their hair in braids, etc. Tim was the most skilled for sure since he grew up watching his grandma braiding hair!!! Anyway, the day was WONDERFUL!! And full of Godly service. It did end with a bang that resulted in our singing gringa, Jenny, driving a thru Tegucigalpa!!! Thanks Dad for teaching me to drive a stick shift!!

-Jenny Lovell (Nashville, TN)

Wow!! What a day we have had here. I hope you all back home are enjoying the stories told by the TORCH members.

Once we returned to the mission house we had dinner. I cannot begin to tell you how blessed we are to have such AMAZING cooks here at the mission house. We had cucumber salad, chicken, pasta salad, and a roll. It was so good, maybe even better than momma’s cookin’!!!! After dinner we had devo. Singing, as usual was incredible! If you guys can you really need to watch the live broadcast. Colby, from Sarasota, led us in our thoughts tonight. He emphasized that it is easy to serve here but it is important to continue the service back in the states. He said that a lot of times we do the right thing but with wrong motives. We need to strive to want to the right thing, not because of fear, personal glory, or to be seen. This is important to realize. Colby did an excellent job encouraging us to put aside our fears and to do the right thing because it is the right thing.

During “Where did you see Jesus” many things were mentioned. Jesus was seen in all those washing the hands and feet of the women in Mololoa, especially in the men. In Honduras women are treated at a low standard and for a man to wash their feet is something that is unbelievable. Jesus was also seen in Deavon. He spent about 20 minutes putting together a toy for some kids to play with in the hospital then sat down with them and played with them for hours. Finally, Jesus was seen in Diane and Judy and the warehouse. These two ladies worked extremely hard was able to accomplish a great deal while they were there. Jesus was seen everywhere today not just in the TORCH members but in the children and the people here. We all got out of our comfort zones and the only way we made it through it was through Jesus. I hope you all can gain a little understanding why we all love it here so much. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and comments. We all love you and will see you soon.

Brandy B

Tomorrow I will began to post pictures on the blog. Click on the link on the page to view photos. Thank you guys for being patient with me.


Anonymous said...

The streets of Teguc will never be the same! - Jake

lt said...

hobieThe video cast of devo last night was remarkable!! I closed my eyes singing along with you as tears rolled down my face. It is so encouraging to see your faces and hear your voices and to know you are bringing glory to God thru your efforts there. Margaret, thanks for the shout out! I love and miss you so much. ( I think I cried for 20 minutes). Terry when you asked for medical people, I wanted to jump through the screen! Love you guys! Covering all of you in prayer. Collin you are amazing!!!