Our Mission Statement

Tuesday, July 8

It's ok I signed up for this

These past couple of days have been adventurous! We didn’t have internet at the mission house the last day we were there so I have to tell you about two days, please be patient.

Sunday July 6, 2008

Today started out well! We all got up and had breakfast at 7. Worship was at the mission house today at 10 am. Steve Kemp (a.k.a. Sparky) led us in our thoughts. One of the main reasons we had our service at the mission house was because we were going to take up a special collection for the lady that helps run Didasko, Rosa. She was diagnosed with a tumor a while back, located right below the brain. The doctors in Honduras say there is nothing they can do for her here. Our collection was a little over $900 in American money. Terry says it is probably over a thousand now because some people gave after worship. Please, Please pray for Rosa!!! She is a very special lady and her and her family work very hard to run Didasko. The prayers are very much needed.

After worship we loaded up to go to the Valley of Angels to do some shopping. On our way there it rained a little, but we really didn’t expect it to rain as much as it did when we got there. We all got pretty wet!! After a few hours shopping we went back to the city to eat dinner. Everyone ate at different places. My group went to El Patio. It is a pretty nice restaurant. Many of us had steak, different types of kabobs and such. It was all very good.

After dinner we went up to the mission house for an early night. We wanted to get back pretty early so everyone could pack their bags and have the buses loaded ready to leave by 5:45am Monday morning. And when we got to the mission house we did just that. Everyone is pretty excited to go to Tela for the retreat, but very sad to be leaving the people we have met while here. It is all bitter sweet!!

July 7, 2008

Today started out EARLY!!!!!!!!!! We loaded the TORCH buses to make the trip down the hill to meet up with our tour buses so we could go to Tela. We arrived at the bus station at about 6:45am, was on the bus by about 7:30am and on the road by like 8 am. It is about a 5 to 6 hour drive to Tela. We had a “quite” bus and a “load” bus! I was on the quite bus. I slept the entire way. On the other bus some slept when they could while others played little games. It was a long ride, but we all arrived safely.

When we arrived we had lunch and then went to sit by the pool to wait for our rooms. We finally all got our rooms by about 5pm. During this time many people spent time together playing pool volleyball, walking on the beach, or going down the water slid. It was so much fun watching everyone have a good time together. Many of which did not know one another when we first got to Honduras. Seeing the bonds between everyone is incredible.

We had dinner at 7pm. Ok I have to mention the food!!! The food is pretty amazing!! Some people are a little iffy about the dessert because of the texture, but I thought it was pretty good. I will post pictures of the food tonight, hopefully!! After dinner we had devo by the pool. Andy Polk talked to us about love!! It was a very good lesson. After devo we all spent more time growing closer to our brothers and sisters. We spent time together at the beach catching sand crabs, or taking pictures of the ginormous frogs!! Yes they are huge!!! Everyone was in there rooms by midnight.

I am sorry that the post are delayed. I will do better. Thank you for your prayers, but the trip is not over. We leave tomorrow, which is very sad for all of us. Some are ready to see there families, some do not want to leave there friends in Honduras, but it is time. The title describes it best. “It is ok we signed up for this” Many of us knew coming into the trip that it would end and how it would feel, but yet we still signed up for it. The joy we receive from the people here is long lasting, and it gives us all something to look forward to in the future, whether it be us coming back here or meeting again with our Father. Please pray for the people here, and Rosa!! We need prayers too, but I think it is important that we pray for them as well. Thank you for your patients, we will being seeing all of you soon!!

Brandy B