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Thursday, July 3

Can you hear me now?

Isn't it cool to sit at home on the couch and still be a part of the Honduras trip? Thanks to Mark Connell and his way cool Apple computer we have been able to broadcast live from Honduras every night at 8:00 our time. We are having DOZENS of people log on and join us. Although we wish you were here physically, we are certainly glad that you can join us each evening for devotional. We also enjoy the comments. Friday night Ben "Big Papa" Cooper, from Sarasota, Florida, will be speaking. Hope you can join us.

Tonight Mi Esperanza came to speak to our group and to give us a brief history of the program and what they do. Over 300 women have been blessed though the training of Mi Esperanza in its short 6 year history. After the presentation we were able to shop from their amazing selection of handmade goods. Jenny Lovell paved the way for the shoppers who swooped in and bought up the goods like locusts on a Kansas wheat field! I feel sure Mi Esperanza made a couple of Limperias tonight.....

We have another busy day planned for Friday. Stay tuned for Brandy's update about Thursday's activities today. It might have been the best day yet. Even though the trip is rapidly coming to a close we are hard at it and trying to get work in for every waking moment. Sleep is coming harder and harder to get and we are now having to push ourselves to get through the day. Fortunately, the weather has been fantasitic and has helped us keep going. It has been cool and overcast with some rain here and there. At night it has been a bit chilly and most of us have climbed under the blankets to stay warm.

Good night from Torch central, we will be back again tomorrow with more news and updates! Keep us in your prayers, Satan is all over this trip. However, we have had some spiritual reinforcements and we have been able to beat the Devil up one side and down the other. God is good all of the time! Hasta luego!

Terry Reeves


bugs said...

The live web cam sounds like a great idea but when I clicked on the link pornographic pictures appeared at the top of the screen. I know that you have no control over this but I thought that you should know. I will not be watching the live devo.

I do love reading the blog and to see how God is using you to bless others. I am coming on July 11th and I can't wait! I pray that God will continue to bless you all and the work that you are doing.

Tammy(Columbia, SC)

Anonymous said...

And all the time God is good! Sounds like some people need that in their lives. Be praying for ya, anon.

Terry, I have loved watching the devo. Yes, we did see the banner at the top that Tammy mentioned, but we scrolled down so it was off the screen. Plus if you refresh, some lunesta comes up. So, how are my boys? The beautiful and talented Erin Mann has let Terry C. use her computer some. THANK YOU!

Give all the Western Hills bunch my hugs!

love ya'll, Karise

BobG said...

It sounds like the group is seeing the highs and lows as expected. However there is nothing in the way of personal so that those back home can feel a sense of participation and support. Think back to the epistles, while there they often address a group, they also frequently mentions specific people and groups.
Of course it isn't clear who exactly has access to make blog entries. Further explanation of this might help.
Thanks for your great work! May God bless you.