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Friday, July 4

Double Time!

First off I want to apologize for the delay in the post! It has been two wonderful days. This post will consist of July 3 and July 4, 2008. Secondly, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!

July 3, 2008
Today began with a breakfast of English muffins, eggs, ham and cheese. Joel Davis spoke to us this morning and reminded us all that life is like a sporting event. We are a team. We have to remember that our actions affect everyone, we know the plan and we know what we have to do, but we need to learn how to do it when the pressure is on.

Today was a building day! I was on a construction team today of about 15 people. We had 2 groups at very close sites. Our sites were beautiful! They were on the side of a mountain over looking Tegucigalpa. My team had no trouble at all building out house. There were a few rocks in the way of making the post holes, but other than that our wood was already for us and our land was the perfect size. It only took us 4 hours or so to build our house.

The other group, however, had a little more difficult time. I don’t know all the details, but I do know it took them 3 more hours to build their house. None of their wood was at the site, there was not enough room, so the had to make room, ect. After we built our first house a group of us, along with another group pass out food in the area we were working at. It was amazing to see the children help pass out the food even though most even though some of them hadn’t eaten that day. God works in mysterious ways and these children were an example to follow. Even though they have little to nothing and cant understand a word I am saying they were able to show love to our group and be leaders for us to follow.

There was a woman at the site today who had two very “loving” and beautiful children. She hung out with our group for most of the day with a smile on her face that could light up the whole mountain side. Unable to understand her (like normal) she spoke to Monica and asked her when the food was coming. No one knew or had heard about anyone bringing food, so both Monica and I were very confused. Later that day a group of ours came with bags of food to hand out. The woman was over joyed and started crying. She told us that she had been praying for food all day because she and her husband are without work and they had no food for the day
-Cindy (Nashville)

It is unbelievable what Whitney and I have experienced this week. We were blessed to be a part of building a house for a family, who just the day before didn't have a home. Words just don't describe what you feel when you're experiencing life here in Honduras. I am proud that Whitney is here and experiencing loving and interacting with these children, I know this will have an impct on her future and the decisions she'll make as a Christian.
-Terri Barber (Nashville)

Today, I saw God's love in all the children! The children were happy even though they were living in horrible conditions, and without a home. I think that is a good example for us, because God says to be content with what you have and they are! It was great to leave there today knowing now they have a home.
-Whitney Barber (Nashville)

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to assist in constructing a house, or una casa! The village we were actually in already had a lot of houses that were built by other mission groups, so the community knew what we were there to do I was in a state of awe the whole time. I was amazed at how helpful the people were, even though they weren't building the house for themselves. building the house was really tiring work. Even though the wood was really heavy, the nails didn't always, go in straight, and the mud was pretty slippery, no one ever gave up! I even got the chance to go on the roof! It is so rewarding to see the family move into their new home, and how excited they are to have it. I am so happy I got to be a part of this experience.
-Jenny Mitchell (Memphis)

My experience at the the landfill today was very humbling. The people that live there have so much hope regardless of the intense circumstances they're in. Everything they have is a treasure, even the things that we take for grated like food, housing and even family. these people taught me that regardless of your circumstance God will always give you hope.
-Kaley Chaffee (Sarasota)

July 4, 2008
Today started out great. We all woke up, some a little later than others, and had breakfast. We had cereal, toast, and fruit. I had a lot of coffee as usual!!! After breakfast we all met in the chapel for morning devo. Justin Brown from the Woodland Hills congregation in Cordova, TN led us in our thoughts. He read from Psalm 139. He mentioned how we can't hide from God. Which is very true and something that a lot of people do not realize. After devo we divided into our groups. Group 1 went to the open market to buy food, then to the bodega to bag the food, then to Santa Ana to distribute the food. This group also got the chance to go to Casa de Esperanza to visit the children there. Group 2 went to Didasko to visit with the children there and did the Gatorade Blitz. Group 3 went to Good Shepard to play with the children there and to finish the playground. The fourth group went to build again in Nueva Oriental. The groups were suppose to leave by 9, but anyone that has ever been here knows that doesn't happen often! So we left about 9:45 instead.

Santa Ana
Today our group went to Santa Ana to distribute food, but before we could we had to go purchase the food. Our group got to experience the open market. It could be compared to an open flea market or to a farmer's market. Anyway, we divided into groups and went on our way. My group bought onions...yay!! I'm not a big fan of onions, but it was for a good cause. We went booth to booth trying to find as many onions for the cheapest price. The only thing was in my group none of us spoke enough Spanish to really know what we were doing. Picture this Andy Polk, Emily Seward, and myself trying to barter with Spanish speaking people in our Spanglish. We could ask how much something was and when they would tell us we would look at each other trying to figure out what she had said. After a while we had bought about 900 onions, yes you read it right, 900. Once the groups had purchased all the food needed, we went to the bodega to separate it into bags. We made a total of 150 bags. Then we made the trip to Santa Ana. Once we arrived there we began to distribute the food. After a while we decided it would be best if 8 people stayed with the distributing and the rest went to Casa de Esperanza so we could speed things up a bit. I stayed with the distributing team. Ok, now this was an experience! We went down, or should I say up and down, this road that led to....good question. I'm not really sure where it led too. After we went so far, we decided to turn around and make our way back. Oh, did I mention that it started raining. Well, it did! As long as I have been coming to Honduras, there has never been a time when it did not rain in Santa Ana. Even though it rained, I still enjoyed handing out food. It is one of the greatest joys I have while I'm here. When we finished on the mountain, we went to Casa to meet the rest of the group. While there I got my finger nails painted many different colors, I might should say I got my fingers painted. Anyway, I was very much willing to let the little ones there paint my nails. They are so cute. Everyone had so much fun playing with the children. We even sang some songs, which they knew so they sang with us. It was so AMAZING!!! After we spent about 2 hours there we made our way back to the mission house for dinner.
-Brandy B (Memphis)

Today the construction crew went out to Nueva Oriental to build another home. They did an excellent job even though they did not have the best working conditions. The great thing is that another family has a new home that they can call home. I think you guys back home should know that Tyler Steffy has done a great job leading groups on houses, he has been patient and calm, even when things did not go perfectly. He is a trooper. Luckily he has had great teams to lead and some great partners to lead with him. As a group we have built five houses, I believe. Great job team!!

Good Shepard
At Good Shepard today, which is a children's home, a team went to finish a playground there. About 8 participated in the finishing of the playground while the others made sure the kids stayed away from the site. Good Shepard is a great place, one of my favorite places. Ben led this group in constructing the play ground. Ben is another I would like to commend on an excellent job in leading construction teams, he is another great leader.

Once all the teams had finished with their projects, we all made it back to the mission house for supper. We had chicken, rice, salad, and a roll. It was great as usual!! At 8 we went to the chapel for devo. Ben Cooper led us in our thoughts.

Devotional Thought
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Your the lifter of my head.
After a week of working n conditions that are believed to break even the hardest of hearts, I am amazed that the way God chose to pierce mine was through the simple message of a devo. I have never met Ben Cooper, and I doubt he knows my name, but the message he brought tonight concerning the way God takes us back no matter what is done that it holds true throughout the ages. While working in a foreign country, it's easy to forget about the fundamental concepts of the law of God. No matter how far I stray away from the Lord, no matter how much I betray his love, he will take me back. The fact that lessons like this are still being learned it good to know.
-William (Memphis)

After devo we broke up and headed to our rooms to get anything we would like to give away, and anything that could be used in the medical clinic tomorrow. Then we went to bed for some much needed rest!!!!!!!

Thanks guys for being patient with the blogging thing!! I really enjoy doing the blog and I hope that it helps you guys back how understand what we are doing. Continue to pray for the group and the Hondurans. We will all be home soon. We love you all!!

Brandy B

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