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Friday, July 18

Wow!!  That is all I can say!!  We are all having so much fun on our retreat!!  Yesterday we spent most of the day traveling.  We dropped some of our team off at the airport to return home, then made our way to the Bed and Breakfast we will be staying at Saturday night to drop our larger luggage off before heading to La Fortuna.  Then we stopped at a local Resturant for lunch.  Everyone had a great meal before we made the 2-3 hour trip.  Once we arrived we received our room assignments and made our way to the rooms to drop our luggage before supper.  Supper was unbelievable!!!  We had a buffet that consisted of pasta, steak, fish, potatoes, salad and dessert.

After supper, we had a singing devo and a short meeting before heading to bed.  Last night was the best sleep I have had since I have been here.  Most of the team woke up early this morning to participate in several activities.  Some went zip lining, some went on a hike, some are going to Baldi Hot Springs, and some will be going on a boat tour.  We are enjoying our last days here very much, and even better we are spending it with Christian and his family (the preacher at Purral).

I will be posting a combination of pictures tonight.  Some will be Honduras and some will be Costa Rica.  Sorry for the mixture!!

Love you all
Brandy B

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