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Tuesday, July 8

July 6th

First let me apologize for not posting last night, I was extremely tired and could not put my thoughts into clear words.  I’m not sure if this morning will be any better, but I’ll give it a go.

Yesterday was a really good day.  God blessed the team with clear skies and eager people ready to put some work in.  The day started with breakfast (croissants, eggs, ham, and potatoes).  After breakfast we made our way to the chapel for devo.  Jake Lovell led us in our thoughts that morning.  He shared how God has moved in his life.  He shared about him and his wife had trouble having a baby, but eventually God gave them the opportunity to adopt a sweet boy who has grown into a leader for God.  I cannot give his lesson justice through my words on the blog, but it was very moving.  When devo was over we split into three team, a house building team, food distribution team, and a team that went to Mololoa to work in the day care, feeding center and do some landscaping.).

The construction team was blessed with a great team of individuals who were willing to work and take their time to complete a house.  When we arrived the locals were in the process of tearing down the shack the family had been living in.  Once it was torn down we began the process of the construction of the house.  The team was eager to help in any way they could.  Some of us moved the wood from one place to the next, while the others took part in constructing the home.  A couple of the team members were able to play with the children as well.  Our team was also blessed with the assistance of the locals.  They were so eager to help their neighbor in any way possible.  The family we were building for was a family of five (I think).  The father works in the landfill and was involved in an accident that resulted in a broken femur (leg).  The mother of the house was very loving and helped us in any way she could.  It is always awesome to build houses in Honduras, because we are able to witness a true since of community, something that is missing in the U.S.  After we completed the house we were able to worship some with the family and praying with them. 

The food distribution team had a great day as well.  They broke down the food and made 250 bags of food to give out to those in Nuevo Oriental.  After they broke down the food they loaded the bus and went to distribute the food.  The team had their work cut out for them today, just like any distribution day.  Distribution involves a great deal of walking down a mountain then back up the mountain.  We only give out food to those who are in their homes to ensure no one is overlooked.  Because of their hard work and dedication to hand out the food bags, 250 families now have food for at least the next three weeks.

The third team assisted with work in Mololoa.  A small group helped in the feeding center cooking and feeding the children in Mololoa.  Another small team went to the day care to help with the workers there and play with the beautiful children.  The last part of the team assisted with landscaping to prepare the land for a garden.  From my understanding the team worked really well together and accomplished a great deal during the time they were there.

For dinner we had baked chicken, potatoes, salad, and bread.  The ladies that are cooking for us have not disappointed any of us.  I would say most of the team will probably gain weight while they are here.  When dinner was over we went to the chapel for devo.  Eric encouraged us to be different and not conform to this world.  His lesson was from 1 Peter chapter one.  He encouraged us to think different, desire different and decide different.  After devo we had announcements and made our way to our rooms for some much needed sleep.

Please continue to pray for us during our time here.  We love you all very much and will see you soon.

Brandy B

By the way, I was actually able to get the broadcast to work last night so please tune in.  We have devo at 730 our time, so 8:30 Central and 9:30 Eastern.  Tonight we will be going to the Jesus Statue if weather permits so we will not broadcast.  I do encourage you to check though because if it does rain we will be on campus.  The link is www.ustream.com and the channel is TRTORCHMISSIONS.

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