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Monday, July 7

Obedience is better...

uly 6th

I hope you all are doing well on this wonderful day the Lord has blessed us with!!  Today was very enjoyable for the group.  It was a time of fellowship, and worship with the team and with our brethren in Honduras!!  This morning we had pancakes, fruit and cereal for breakfast.  After breakfast, we said our good byes to Katie G., who headed back to the states, then loaded the buses to go to Mi Esperanza for the first leg of shopping.  For the past several years, TORCH groups go to Mi Esperanza to purchase items the women make.  Mi Esperanza is a great ministry for the women in Honduras.  I can never give the story justice, so please check out www.thewomenofmyhope.org for more information.  We spent about an hour and a half at Mi Esperanza supporting the women by our multiple purchases.  Once everyone had finished, we loaded the bus to make our way to the Valley of Angels to eat lunch and continue shopping.  Many of us ate Papusas in the Valley, which were very yummy.  Others had tacos and an assortment of different meats.  Several of the members also purchased ice cream and coffee for dessert.  We stayed in the Valley for about two hours before making our way to the village we worshipped with today.  I would love to tell you the name of the village, but I can’t spell it, but if I get the spelling of it I will let you all know.  Before I tell you about the worship service, I want to share with you how the church was started in this particular village.  If any of you have been to Honduras with TORCH, you are all probably familiar with Los Pinos community.  The church in Los Pinos have been evangelizing to the community we worshipped with today.  They go every Saturday and knock doors to spread the gospel.  They get up early and walk 10 kilometers over steep hills (mini mountains) to share Jesus with those in need.  This is so exciting because it is showing the maturity that is developing in the church of Los Pinos.  Worship was in both English and Spanish today.  Timoteo would lead a song in Spanish, followed by Tim Hines leading a song in English.  Terry Reeves gave the lesson today with Tim translating for him. Terry’s lesson was from Acts 10 regarding the conversion of Cornelius.  After the lesson, six came forward requesting to be baptized.  After the worship service, we went outside and all six were baptized. Please pray for our new brothers and sisters in Christ.  Once we welcomed our new brothers and sisters, we said our good-byes and made our way back to the Mission House for dinner.  For dinner tonight we had Taco Locos!!  Oh my, the tacos were A-MAZ-ING!!!!!  At around 8pm we made our way to the chapel for devo. Tonight Eric began by asking the parents if they would rather sacrifice and get the best present or be obedient.  He then tied that into how God would rather us be Obeisant rather than to sacrifice.  He went on to explain that our sacrifice is our abidance.   After devo, we got our nightly announcements from Tyler Steffy and made our way back to our rooms for bed. 

Thank you all for your continued prays and please remembers to pray for our new brothers and sisters.  We love you all very much and will see you soon.

Good night to you all

Brandy B

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