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Sunday, July 6

July 5th

What a wonderful day we have had today!!  I’m not sure my blog will do today justice at all.  Like everyday, today started with a good breakfast of eggs, beans, plantains, and tortillas.  I know that the food might sound strange, but I promise the food is very good!  After breakfast we went to the chapel for morning devo.  This morning Noah F. led us in our thoughts this morning.  Noah discussed what it meant to be a true servant for God.  He discussed how we should strive to be a servant like Jesus was a servant.  It was a great lesson to start our day today.  When devo was over, we divided into three teams (a house building team, VBS team, and a team that went to the landfill.)

The VBS team loaded the bus with fresh veggies, rice, flour, sugar, spaghetti, and other food items as well as toilet paper, tooth paste, shampoo, and soap.  After the bus was loaded we made our way to Didasko to love on some amazing children and share Jesus.  While the larger group made our way to Didasko, Brian, Tyler, and Kathryn Steffy went to Campero’s Chicken to pick up 80 meals to feed the children of Didasko. When we arrived at Didasko we unloaded the bus and played games with the children for about 2 hours while we waited on the Steffys to bring the meals for the children.  When they arrived we unloaded the meals and prepared them for the children and the workers at the home.  Once everyone had finished their meals, we took the kids to do the VBS.  We told the story of the life of Jesus, and sang songs with them.  Then we did multiple crafts with them before cleaning up and heading back to the Mission House.

The Landfill group went to the grocery store to purchase the things needed for sandwiches, and bought cookies and bags of water to hand out to the workers at the landfill.  Once they had bought all that was needed, they went to the Bodega to prepare the meal for the workers.  Then the team made their way to the landfill to feed those working in the landfill.  This is always a very humbling experience for those who go to the landfill. 

The third group went to El Peliguin, which is in the La Tigra Rainforest.  No matter where we build in La Tigra, we are guaranteed to have an amazing view!!  The team was very lucky to have the site they had today.  They were able to take their time and add extra features to the house.  The team was finished with the house by about 1:30 today.

At the end of the day we headed to Mission House for dinner and devo.  Tonight we had rice and beef with steamed veggies and tortilla. Some of the team also purchased ice cream for dessert.  Once dinner was over we had devo.  Tonight Eric discussed the faith of Abrah and Sara and importance Faith plays in being Obedient.  I, personally, am enjoying the lessons Eric is sharing with us all, and how he is incorporating the Obedient theme in his lessons. 

Once Devo was over we, we had announcements from Tyler regarding tomorrow’s agenda, then we all headed to bed for some much needed sleep! 

Thank you all for your continuous prayers for the work here.  Sadly, it does not look like internet is going to cooperate with us for the live devo broadcast.  I will continue to try, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get it to work.  I am so sorry about it, but I am sure you all understand.  I will post about our day tomorrow night as soon as possible.  Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers.

Brandy B 

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