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Wednesday, July 9

July 7th

Good morning everyone!!  Yesterday was a glorious day to serve our Lord!!  Like all days, we started with a breakfast made of eggs, beans, and toast.  After breakfast, we met at the chapel for morning devo.  Tyler Steffy encouraged us to be of good courage and to be bold while we are here and throughout our lives.  After devo, we were given our instructions for the day.  Today we had three groups, one for construction and two for hospital visitation. 

The construction team was the first team to leave in order to get to the site in order to have plenty of time to complete the home.  The construction team built a home in Mololoa yesterday.  From what I am told, the build went smoothly and there is now one more family with a home tonight.

The first visitation team went to Hospital Escuela (excuse the spelling).  When we arrived we split into two smaller groups.  Each group went to different wards to spend some time praying with the families and sharing the love of Jesus.  It is important to understand visiting the hospitals is very difficult for a lot of people, me included.  This is my 10-year 15th or 16th trip and the hospital is the most difficult for me.  The groups were amazing despite the difficultness of it.  They showed the love of Jesus and loved on children and families that are in desperate need of hope and love.  After about two hours at the hospital we loaded the bus and went to the grocery store to purchase as much Gatorade as possible for a Gatorade blitz.  Once the Gatorade was purchased we drove around the city handing it out to the workers cleaning the streets and those at some construction sites.  I love the Gatorade blitz because of the excitement seen on the faces of those receiving something to drink in the name of Jesus.  Once we handed out all the Gatorade the hospital groups went to the Jesus Statue to write in their journals and pray over the city.  After about an hour and a half we loaded the bus to return to the mission house.

For dinner last night, we had pasta and roast beef with a roll.  Of course the ladies that have been cooking for us did not disappoint us!!  After dinner we loaded the buses again to go to the Jesus Statue for devo.  Tonight Tim Hines led us in our thoughts.  He encouraged us to be prepared to fight Satan at all times because he is always looking to cause us to stumble.  When devo was over, Tyler gave us our instructions for the next day and we loaded the buses to return.  After a long day, it was awesome to return to the mission house and get good nights sleep.

Thank you all for you continued prayers.  Tonight we are having split devo, so I might broadcast the guy’s devo so you all can join in with worship.  Much love to you all!!

Brandy B

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