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Saturday, July 5

July 4th

Good morning from Honduras!!  I hope you all are doing fantastic because we are wonderful here.  I am so excited to share with you about today’s work our group participated in. 

To begin, we woke up and had breakfast around 7:30.  This morning we had omelets and tators (yes I said tators).  Sadly, we had to say good-bye to group one today.  I hope you all made it back safely and I hope you know that you are all missed A LOT!!  After we said our good-byes to everyone, we went to the chapel for Devo.  This morning we were led in devo by Matt Pressley from Mobil, AL.  He discussed with us the importance of being soldiers for God, and to remember we are in battle daily with Satan.

Once Devo was over, we divided into three teams.  We had a construction team, hospital/blind school visitation team, and a small team that went to the open market to purchase fresh veggies that will be sent to Didasko this morning when we go. 

The visitation team was led by Tyler Steffy and myself.  We loaded the buses and made our way to the Bodega to pick up packets that had been made for the maternity ward as well as other goodies for the children.  After we got the supplies we went to the hospital and divided into three smaller groups so we could visit the different wards.  One team visited the maternity ward and orthopedic ward and shared the love of Jesus with the patients.  Another team was given a tour of a ward we have not been to.  They went to the Nephrology Ward and visited with the patients preparing for Dialysis.  The last group went to the pediatric surgery ward and the Cancer Ward.  The Hospital was a great experience today sharing Jesus with the patients and showing them love.  After we spent about two hours at the hospital, we went to the Peace Monument for lunch.  The Peace Monument is a really nice place to go to take pictures and just enjoy the view.  When we finished lunch we loaded the bus and went to the Blind School.  The Blind School is so much fun because we have the opportunity to love on some very awesome children.  At the Blind School, we are able to hand out toys and play soccer with them.  Yes, I said soccer and yes they kick our tail!!  We also sing songs to them, and they sing songs to us.  This year they added two songs from the Sound of Music, and being the nerd that I am, I was singing it with them.  I love going to the Blind School and hearing those angels sing.  It will bring tears to your eyes when you hear them.

The team building the house had an easy site today.  There were about 15 people that went to build for a family in need. Of course when you have Pat Guthrie and Scott Townsend as group leaders it is sure to be a good build with little difficulty.  The last team of about 8 went to the open market to purchase as much fresh fruits and veggies as Jenny Lovell can talk them into.  The group, I’m sure had an enjoyable trip at the market purchasing the fruits and veggies that will be taken to Didasko today.
Everyone met back at the Mission House for dinner.  We had lasagna that was unbelievably amazing, with salad and bread.  It was so very good!!!!  Once everyone finished dinner some of the group made a quick run to the grocery store to purchase stuff for lunches for the remainder of the trip.  Then we came back up the mountain for devo.  Eric Grey is leading our nightly devos.  Tonight he talked about the importance of being obediently Bold.  He encouraged us to strive to be Bold for God, and to share his love with everyone we encounter and worship him no matter what.  When devo was over we went to the cafeteria to have cake to celebrate the Fourth of July then everyone went there separate ways to make memories and build relationships with the team members.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support of the work here.  I hope that you will continue to pray for us and remember the work here.  Until next time, peace and blessings!!

Brandy B

I am still working on the live stream. I apologize, but it just doesn’t want to cooperate with me.  Continue to tune in nightly to see if it will work, I might get lucky.  Also if you have any questions please feel free to email me at brandyb06@gmail.com.  Thank you all so much!!  Love y’all. 

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