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Thursday, July 17

It has been a whirlwind here in Costa Rica!! Our time has gone by so fast.  Last night was the last night for our gospel meeting and time with our brethren in Purral.  It was bitter sweet because we have made real connections with our brethren!!

Two days ago, the team went to the church for the last lady's and men's classes.  After the classes were complete we had lunch with our brothers and sisters.  Then the group broke off into groups for door knocking, while a small group stayed to do VBS.  Each day the VBS has gotten bigger, as well as attendance for the gospel meeting.  After VBS, we socialized with one another and had dinner.  Then we began with the gospel meeting.  Our children's classes have gotten so big we had to split into two groups.  We had about 35-40 kids in attendance two nights ago.  After worship, we spent time with our brethren before coming back to the hotel.

On Wednesday, the group went to an orphanage to see the kids and get an idea of how it was different than Honduras.  The group toured the facility and was able to eat lunch with the children.  THey were not able to play with the kids very much, because of the structure of the facility.  After they spent some time there, they loaded the bus to come back to the hotel to prepare for the last night of the gospel meeting.

We met around 4:30 to make our way to the building for dinner.  It was our last meal together with our brothers and sisters.  Tonight we had a record breaking attendance, as we have had every night.  There were 119 people in attendance.  As I said before it has grown each night.  It was a great way to end an awesome gospel meeting.  When worship was over we spent time with our family taking pictures and making more memories.  The Plurral family will be missed very much!!

Today is a day of travel.  I will attempt to post tonight both what went on and pictures, if internet permits.  We love you all very much and will see you soon!!

Brandy B

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