Our Mission Statement

Thursday, July 1

tea is made with water!

Today is the day! The majority of the group arrived today with virtually NO PROBLEMS! Once we touched down we were lead through customs and graciously welcomed to Honduras by Chris Wright. After taking our bags to the bus we were able to grab a quick bite to eat at Mickey D’s. There was a little confusion about if you could drink the water…if you could have the ice…the usual. Even after explaining that you can have the ice, but not to drink the water, some members of our team decided to drink tea…made with WATER.

On the way to the mission house there were only a few girls that were terrified of the bus ride (which was completely safe!!). Once we got back we were made to sit through a brief lecture by one of our fearless leaders, Nathan Reeves, about the rules.

We got the call that a container was coming to La Bodega (the warehouse) so a bus of about 30 went to unload it. Welcome to Honduras…when the bus got there, the container had not yet arrived. After about 45 minutes it came – a semi full of boxes of food and clothing. It took the crew 38 minutes to unload it all! Another short wait later and another container made its way to the crew, this time full of thousands and thousands of dollars worth of donated medical equipment from hospitals in Boston. Tightly packed, this shipment took over an hour to untangle and unload…carefully! When it was all completed, the crew enjoyed their Gatorade reflecting over their job well done. Without a doubt, these crew members had never handled so much money’s worth of high-tech medical stuff. Quite possibly the most impressive part was that none of it got broken! It made for a late night, however, as the group came home to a late dinner, a quick devo, and some brief announcements before it was time for bed.

Tomorrow will be a busy busy day! We have plans to build a few houses, visit the hospital, work in a dental clinic, go to the open air market for a fresh food giveaway, AND sort supplies and medicine at the mission house! Please continue to keep us in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Terry, please tell me...was it my daughter?


NickJ-TN said...

MickyDs? I'll bet PJ of Clarksville loved that. It's good too know everyones on the ground and already working. Many prayers are being lifted up for all of you. Godspeed

Jay Tucker said...

When will devos be webcast? Hello Sara Tucker. We love you!

Torch Team in our prayers.

In Him,

Jay Tucker