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Wednesday, June 30

Boxes Boxes Boxes

So as many of you know the advance team has now landed in Honduras and hit the ground running. A group of about 12 of us landed yesterday and about 15 more joined us today. It already feels like there's a lot of us and most of the group hasn't even left for the airport yet! We've already begun working by organizing the mountains of boxes that we shipped down for the trip. Our medical and hygiene supplies are already here at the mission house. We even had time today to visit Hospital Escuela for an hour or two after picking up the 15 of our group that came in today. If you're trying to imagine a Honduran hospital take the worst U. S. hospital you know of, remove the walls or curtains separating patient beds, forget about the hand washing protocols, and throw in about double the number of people you normally see and you start to get a feel for what it's like. The hardest part for me was the fact that there were simply too many people for us to give everyone something. We walked in loaded with beads, coloring pages, crayons, stuffed animals, tracts, etc. and we left with almost nothing. I still remember a little guy who was upset at me when I gave my last stuffed dog to the girl beside him. On the other hand it was amazing how open these people were about everything. Nowhere else can you have such in depth conversations with total strangers. Regardless I've had a taste of the country and I'm ready for more. Pray for us. We will be busy.
-Chris Wright

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Jake said...

Glad to here you guys are there safe. See you on Saturday.