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Tuesday, June 22

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Today was another busy day here in Henderson, TN. Busy in the fact that I had tasks to do, but I was running at a slower pace today. It was kind of weird, actually, since the past 3 weeks I have been going at break neck speed. I had some shirts that needed to be embroidered today and the lady that does that for me lives out in the county, about 15 miles outside Henderson near Chickasaw State Park. I was driving my Mustang today and usually on the winding country roads I love zooming down the roads and hugging the curves in the road (I am pretty sure my Mustang enjoys it too, I am one with my car). Besides, I get their quicker. But today I took my time and enjoyed the drive and the scenery. I dropped off my shirts and was told they would be ready on Thursday. Perfect. Then it was off to Jackson to go to the Party Store to pick up clown wigs, clown noses, goofy sunglasses, for the Patch Adams project. I also found games for the carnival, stickers, toys, and all kinds of stuff. It was a very productive day.

A couple of days ago I posted a listing of things everyone needs to bring with them (forks, spoons, bowls, etc). We went to Wal-Mart yesterday and found white plastic bowls 4 for $1.00! We also found a 4 pack of metal forks for $1.00 and a 4 pack of metal spoons for $1.00! We got everything on the list for $10, so hopefully you guys will find similar deals too. For that matter, if you decide to buy some extra stuff, I am pretty sure it can be used! Also, I have heard that some of the team members are doing an "unofficial" drive to bring down soccer cleats to give away. If you have cleats, or know anyone that has good used ones to give away, feel free to join in. We are looking for smaller sizes.

Brandy Barnett reminded me to post a note about digital cameras. If you bring a digital camera make sure to bring your cable so that we will have to ability to down load photos onto our computers while we are down there. Brandy works with us on the communication team and posts articles and photos on this blog. Since we cannot be everywhere at the same time we will be relying on team members to get photos of work sites and activities to post on the blog. By the way, make sure you give family members, friends, classmates, church members, (pretty much anyone other than complete strangers) this blog address so that they will be able to keep up with the team while we are in Honduras! We will try to update the blog everyday to keep people back home informed.

For those of you that received packets from us, you should have found a note from Margaret with your name label. The name label goes on the outside of your passport ABOVE the word passport. This really helps us when we are sorting passports or passing them out (we don't have to open each passport to find the name). Margaret also asked me to remind team members with NEW passports to make sure you sign them before arriving at the airport!!!! Some of the passport copies that we have received do not have signatures. If you are with a group, your group leader probably has your label. If you do not have one, we will make one for you when we get to Honduras.

Several of you have asked about dress codes for the trip. Although we do not have an official dress code, we certainly have some parameters that we want everyone to go by while in Honduras. Shorts are allowed on the trip, but they must be long (near the knee) and loose (comfortable) fitting. Tank tops are not permitted (except in you dorm room). The same would be true for cut off t-shirts. (This is true for the guys and the girls). Sorry, the gun show has to be kept under wraps. Jeans and light weight pants are recommended, Christian t-shirts are encouraged. Rain jackets are highly recommended because it is rainy season and it will probably rain every day that we are there. Closed toe shoes are required at any work site or work project. Sandals and flip flops are restricted to the Mission House / hotel property.
Everyone will have the opportunity to swim near the end of the trip. Whether you do or not is totally up to you. If you choose to swim, the following guidelines must be applied: Girls must wear a modest 1 piece swim suit. If you bring a 2 piece suit, you must wear a dark t-shirt over it. If you wear a t-shirt (guy or girl), it CANNOT be made of cotton. All suits (guys and girls) and t-shirts must be synthetic material (An Under Armor type fabric). The pool filtration systems in Honduras must be sensitive because we are told every year not to wear cotton in the pools. So, no jean cut offs, cotton shorts, cotton t-shirts (even 50-50 material). Guys, no Speedo suits. (I just threw that in so that the girls wouldn't think that I was singling them out on the modesty issue).

Much more to come. Please do not hesitate if you have a question, especially if it is something you need clarified or something I have not covered. I am so looking forward to seeing you all in just a few days.


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