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Thursday, June 24

Here ye, hear ye

I have received a lot of emails asking about shots, malaria pills, etc. the past several days. Maybe addressing the questions collectively will be easier. So, here we go.

First, I need to talk about a red alert the U.S. has put out on it's travel site. Honduras has issued an emergency alert for Dengue Fever. This is a virus that is carried by the striped Aedes aegypti mosquito and is common to tropical and subtropical regions (like Central America). It is a common ailment with the Wold Health Organization reporting over 50,000,000 cases a year. It is not contagious and can only be spread by mosquito bites, which happen during daylight hours since the Aedes Aegypti mosquito is a daytime bitter. It carries flu like symptoms with fever, rash, headache, and aching joints. It usually takes 3-15 days before one realizes they have the virus. There is no specific medical treatment or antibiotic for the virus, the typical treatment is rest with lots of fluids. There is currently 10,000 cases of Dengue Fever in Honduras, which is approximately less than 1% if the population. Since it is rainy season in Honduras their will be mosquitoes out and about.

It is very important that EVERYONE bring insect repellent with DEET. Wearing long sleeved t-shirts and pants will be encouraged. I know that this sounds threatening, but remember that Dengue Fever outbreaks happen every year in Honduras and all over the world. It usually infects people in low lying areas and those with weak immune systems that do not have insect repellent. By taking proper precautions we have a minimal risk of getting sick.

Malaria pills are not required for the trip. However, some people choose to bring the medicine which is perfectly OK. Malaria is also carried by mosquitoes and the symptoms of the 2 viruses are very similar. Malaria is carried by the Anopheles mosquito. Malaria pills will not prevent or treat Dengue Fever. If you have any doubts or questions, contact your doctor and make an appointment before you leave. Bringing and using insect repellent will be the key to working this trip. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Tim and Mark reported Wednesday that our container arrived and was unloaded at the warehouse! This is very good news, especially since we loaded and sent out the container over 6 weeks ago. The advance team will sort and organize supplies when we arrive on Tuesday. By the time the main team arrives on Thursday we should be set and ready to roll. We will still have a ton of stuff to sort, pack, bag, label, and prep before we launch out full force on Friday. Our first 2 full days will be packed with projects. During the first 2 days we will build 7 houses, conduct a VBS and medical clinic, do a food distribution, and have a carnival for a children's home. Ever heard of the movie Fast and Furious? Ha! Nothing compared to what we are going to do!

I have the emergency contact information for the trip. PLEASE REMEMBER, THESE NUMBERS ARE FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY. To call Honduras, you have to dial the numbers exactly as they are written:

Tim Hines: 011-504-9892-7672
Mark Connell: 011-504-9858-5397
Lori Connell: 011-504-9858-6208
Villa Gracia (Mission House) 011-504-211-8210
Terry Reeves: reeves.tl@gmail.com
Nathan Reeves: ncreeves@gmail.com

I will be posting again this weekend. As the days wind down before our trip we want to make sure all of the last minute things are covered. the excitement is in the air, I am seeing it on Facebook postings and in the emails. I am getting phone calls and and visits too. And from the feedback I have received, the t-shirt design seems to be a hit. I believe it is one of the best looking t-shirts we have ever had on a trip. It certainly is a conversation starter! i wore mine to church Sunday night and had several come up trying to figure out what the letters were on the back. Once I explained it to them they were amazed that they did not figure it out themselves! So, I leave you with this one, RUE2B4HM?


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