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Saturday, July 3

Together at Last!!

The last part of the Group

I cannot believe it!! I am finally back in Honduras!! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Brandy Barnett and I will update the blog nightly!! I was with a group of 8 who flew in today. We were all so happy to arrive today in Honduras. On a personal note, when I came through customs I saw the rest of the group along with a young boy from Molola who I see each year. When he saw me he smiled and ran into my arms. It made my day and the long wait worthwhile!! After we got to the bus we went to pick up the construction team in La Tigra where they had built three houses. Then we came back to the Mission House to wait for supper.


Today, I was on the Didasko team along with 39 in the TORCH Group. Didasko, for those of you who do not know, is an orphanage on the out skirts of Tegucigalpa. It holds about 30 children and many workers and interns. Our morning was pretty eventful. We woke up around 6:30 for breakfast and headed out about 7:30 to head to the orphanage. It’s about an hour and fifteen minute drive to get to Didasko but two things happen that changed our timing. First, we had to get snacks for the kids to eat during the VBS, so we stopped off at the super market. After the detour, we headed up the mountain. Unfortunately we had some bus trouble, which delayed our travel, TALK ABOUT BAD TIMING!!! We finally were able to obtain another bus to bus us to the orphanage. The Didasko team consisted of two parts: The VBS crew and the Medical Team. I was on the VBS crew, which taught over 125 kids the story of David and Goliath. We allowed the kids to measure up Goliath but marking on a 9-foot tall poster we made. We also allowed the kids to throw stones (water-balloons) at a real life Goliath (Joe Jones (Little Joe), who was a real trooper). The kids also got to make a shield with the verse Psalms 3: 3 written in Spanish which says “But You, oh Lord, are a shield about me”.

The Medical team was also with us. A group of about six doctors or nurses worked diligently with a group of people who may not have seen a Doctor in years. A group of about 100 people were waiting since 8:00 to see the doctors and seek medical attention for Free. We also had countless amounts of medication to help the ones in attendance; something they could never afford with the little money they make and have. This group had a tough job of working to see these people and did a PHENOMENAL job with it. The plan is to return to Didasko for another round of medical and VBS teams on Monday. Pray for our continued success.

-Kevin Cline (Rainbow Church of Christ)

Dental Clinic

The TORCH team, which included 8 members, worked with Dr. Betulia, to give dental care to children. Terry Barber, Patricia, and Steve Kemp (better known as Sparky) worked Fluoride, and Sealants. Jacque and Loni Beth assisted Dr. Betulia with sealants, fillings, and extractions. Kerri, Brittany, Ethel, and Loni Beth all played with the waiting children and held the hands of those who were frightened bringing smiles to their beautiful faces. In total 40 children were given beautiful new smiles because of TORCH funds for equipment, while working with local Christian Dentist who volunteered their time. We will return tomorrow and expect to see 40 to 50 more children!!

-Jacque Jones (Maysville C of C) and Terry Barber (Fairville C of C)

Construction team!

Today on the construction front, three crews went to build houses in a village in the La Tigrea Rainforest. The view was incredible!! The three teams divided up and went their separate ways to start building. Two of the crews had a relatively easy hike to their sites, while the third had a more difficult time. However, the construction crew demonstrated an amazing level of teamwork and dedication. When one set of lumber took longer to arrive. Everyone worked together to dig postholes and help out the other crew. At times it felt we were digging through solid rock, but once the posts were in, the house went up fairly quickly thanks to everyone’s hard work. Once the roof went up, those nailing floorboards had some lovely shade to enjoy. It was a great day with lots of hard work and collaboration. Finishing three houses was definitely worth the muscles, sunburn, and blisters.


Food Distribution/Good Shepherd

Today we went to Nuevo Orental to deliver bags of food. These bags will feed families there for about 1-2 weeks. It was a true eye-opener to see the need for a 40lb. bag of food. Most of us take for granted the amount of food that we have in the states, and do not realized that we can get by on so much less. After the food delivery, we went to Good Shepherd to play with the children. We passed out countless toys, candy and some of our macho men walked away with freshly painted fingernails. But all of us walked away with a more humble heart and desire to be a better servant.

-Michael Rosenblum (Maysville C of C)


Tonight we had PAPUSAS!!!!!!!!! WOW what a way to start off an AMAZING trip!! Well we didn’t only have papusas, we also had tacos of some sort. It was YUMMY!!!!!! After supper we had devo led by Steve Kemp, better known as Sparky!! Sparky gave a lesson about the Parable of the Talents. Sparky encouraged everyone to utilize their talent/talents in order to improve or build them. Sparky did a wonderful job and defiantly practices what he spoke about.

Today has been wonderful in so many ways, as everyone can see by reading. Many of us a stepping out and doing things we have never done before. We come to minister to the Honduran people, but they will never realize how much they minister to us. Thank you all so much for your prayers!!

Brandy B

Just a reminder for those who are interested!! We will try and do webcast of devotionals each night. You may all tune in a worship with us. Also everyone will have access to the computers sometime during the trip. They will be allowed to check their emails. If you would like to email love ones feel free to. You may also email me with any questions at brandyb06@gmail.com. The link to the webcast is www.ustream.tv/broadcaster/210462 If the link does not appear I will have it up as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone!!