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Friday, July 2

We are ready to be...

Today I realized that I have never been truly tired, until today. Our day started off great! You cant beat pancakes and fresh pineapple! Especially when you follow it with a wonderful devo reminding us to look for the ways that we could be servants. We managed to make hundreds of hygiene packets. These packets had toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, soap, tissues, razors, and a personal care item like shampoo or deodorant. We also went to the bodega to unload ANOTHER container full of medical equipment. I was not personally able to experience unloading the container last night, but I certainly got my fill today! We unloaded hospital furniture, gurneys, bed trays, copiers, fax machines and a hot tub (how we managed to get that out of the truck is nothing short of a miracle!) just to name a few items. It was unbelievable how much equipment was in just one semi truck.

When we finished unloading the container part of the team headed back to the mission house to prepare for VBS, sort medical supplies, and break down bulk food items for a food giveaway. A group of about 8 went to set up a dental clinic which will be held Saturday. All this was accomplished while 2 teams where building houses! It is astounding to think of all that was accomplished today. Tomorrow we will take over 250 bags of food that were packed today to a village in Nueva Oriental. These bags of food have beans, rice, corn meal, sugar, salt, coffee, spaghetti noodles, tomato paste, vegetable shortening, bullion cubes, and no food giveaway would be complete with out…Ramen noodles!! A small group was also able to travel to the fresh food market and get potatoes, onions, lettuce, oranges, carrots and peppers to add to the food that will be given away tomorrow.

Supper was the most amazing meal I have ever eaten. I have never tasted such wonderful tortillas, beef, vegetables, and rice and I’m only partially saying that because of how hungry I was after a long day of work! Devo was lead by Tim O’Dell with Terry and Nathan following up with the work assignments for tomorrow. 6 more translators arrived today and the last few members of the team will be here tomorrow!

Its hard to believe that one day is already over! But all the hard work and planning has really paid off we have got a lot accomplished and it will only get better as the trip continues. As always please keep us in your prayers!


Katie Haab said...

How can we leave messages for TORCH members?? Thanks!

ty_steffy said...

hey guys i hope you are all doing well i wish i could be there love y'all i really i wish i could've gone to Didasko today with you! be safe and have a great time!


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