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Saturday, July 10

The Beginning

Today is the beginning, not the end. It is incredibly sad to think that this mission trip has come to an end, but I do not wan to think of it as an end. It is the beginning! The beginning of a new life for a lot of us that have come to Honduras. We have grown spiritually. It is a growth that no one can deny. We have witnessed true miracles by God. Satan tried so hard to put God’s work in Honduras to a halt by allowing busses to breakdown, delaying some of our projects, and many other things. However, God did prevail!!!! When Satan tried to stop us in our tracks, God opened doors to allow us to minister in other ways. When we thought we would have to go into our TORCH fund to repair a rental vehicle, God worked through us to raise enough money so it would be taken care of without delaying the work. God is so GOOD!!!! All of us are going to take something home with us. The smile of a child, the gratefulness of a starving mother after she has received food, the honor of being able to build a home for a family. So yes this might be the end of our trip, but it is not the end. We have built lasting friendships with fellow group members, as well as our fellow brothers and sisters in Honduras. I am so sad to leave, but so happy to know this will not be the last time I see my extended Christian family.

I will be giving a brief rap-up of our trip. These are just guesses on how much we were able to do. Terry will, more than likely be posting a final summary.

-Our group was able to build 14-15 homes

-Deliver about 1250 bags of food making about 26,250 meals

-Build playground paint a day care, and put up a Security fence in Molola

-Repair a church building 27 benches and put in 2 windows in Choluteca

-108 families received toys/Clothes and food in Choluteca

-6 hours of makeovers were done in Choluteca

-About 300+ patients were seen by our medical team in Choluteca

-230+ were seen at Didasko

-6 VBS were done at Didasko and Catacamas

-Painted a Church in Catacamas

-2 day Gospel Meeting in Catacamas 161 the first night and 224 the second.

-6 hospital visits (5 in Teguc. 1 in Catacamas).

-Painted a Mural in 3 hours at a boy's Orphanage.

-Repaired a playground at Good Shepherd Orphanage.

-1500 Bibles were given out.

-A TORCH member was baptized (Nathan Carol)

-Worked at the Feeding Center and Conducted a Princess Day in Molola

-Played Soccer game against the Cobras 3-3 and played Choluteca (we got beat 3-2).

Like I mentioned before this is a brief overview. Terry will probably post with more accurate numbers. This has been an AMAZING trip!! Through Jesus, our group was able to accomplish a lot! Thank you all so much for constant prayers. I am not ready to be home, but like I said this is The Beginning, not the end. We love you all and will be seeing you very soon!!

God Bless You All!!

Brandy B

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