Our Mission Statement

Sunday, July 4


Hello to everyone back home!! Today was WONDERFUL!!!!! We were able to sleep in a bit, which was great for those who have been here, but I was ready to go!! So I woke up at around six and just lay in bed a while. When I arrived in the cafeteria there were many already enjoying breakfast. Today we had toast, cereal, and fruit!!

After everyone had eaten we got our money and bags ready to leave for the futbol (Soccer) against the Cobras. For those of you who do not know, the Cobras are pretty much the same as our S.W.A.T. We occasionally play a game with them on trips when we are blessed with enough players. TORCH has a pretty good rapport with the Cobras. The game was fantastic!! We scored the first goal and then they scored like two seconds after that. At halftime the score was 2-1 Cobras. Coming into the second half the game was much more interesting!! We scored twice putting us ahead of the Cobras!! However, just a few minutes before the game ended Cobras scored once again. The game ended in a tie!! It was a great game!! Afterward the players prayed together with the Cobras.

Once the game was finished, there was somewhat of a demonstration. The Cobras showed us their "toys". With the assistance of our translator, Minor, along with Lonnie Jones we were able to see different weapons they use. Lonnie had to explain what they were called due to Minor's lack of knowledge for the "American" terms. It was very interesting. I will post pictures as soon as possible.

Once the demonstration was finished we loaded the buses to go and eat. The group had several different options to choose from when deciding to eat lunch. We all ate in about 45 minutes. Once we finished we headed to the Valley of Angels to do some shopping. The drive was incredible. The view was unbelievably amazing!! God is so Mighty, and we were able to view is amazing creation today. We shopped for about an hour, hour and a half then loaded the buses to go eat supper. Supper was another wide variety of choices. We spent about an hour eating before heading back up the mountain to the Jesus statue.

The Jesus statue, enough said. We had a very uplifting worship service while at the Jesus Statue. We were able to look out over the City. We heard the noises of the city, dogs barking, horns blowing, people talking. It was beautiful!! Tim Hines led us in singing, and let me tell you....well words really can't explain the awesomeness of the singing!! Lonnie Jones brought us our lesson tonight. Lonnie spoke about the importance of a servant. He gave different examples of how the servants of the Bible were always the ones to "win". He talked about how Jesus came to be a servant and how hundreds of thousands of people would travel miles to see Him. He spoke about how Jesus took our place so we might continue to serve. He told of story about him and some others going somewhere and seeing an exhibit where people were able to actually get on a cross and be lifted up. Lonnie explained that he had been asked to do it but did not and later explained he didn't because Jesus had done it for him. WOW!! I'm sure it does not have the same power reading it as it did hearing it. Lonnie's lesson was so moving. We all need to be servants for Christ. Think of God's sacrifice. He loved us so much He sent His Son to die, so we might LIVE!! Our theme this year is RUE2B (Are you ready to be). We must all be ready to be a servant. That is what it is all about!! Serving!!!

After the lesson we loaded the bus and came back to the mission house. We met in the Cafeteria for a bit for some announcements. We also were greeted with a few cobblers Joe Jones had made. One word, YUM!!!!!! It was fabulous. Once we had the announcements we all went our separate ways for bed. Thank you guys so much for your thoughts and prayers. Please continue to remember us. Also remember if you have any questions contact me by email brandyb06@gmail.com. Thanks again.

Brandy B