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Monday, July 5

At Your Feet

“Here at your feet, I lay this day down. Not in my strength, but in Yours I’ve found, All I need, Your all I need. Jesus, Jesus at your feet, Oh to dwell and never leave. Jesus, Jesus at your feet, there is NO WHERE ELSE FOR ME”

-Lyrics from Casting Crowns song “At Your Feet”

All I can say truly about today is that it was a Blessing!! Jesus was seen everywhere throughout Teguc. WOW!! The day started early. Seven to eight was breakfast. For breakfast we had French toast, peanut butter, and fresh fruit!! It was wonderful. At about 8:30 we met for a short singing devo before breaking up into our groups. We had seven groups doing a variety of things.

Special Needs Orphanage

Today a small group of us went to the Special Needs Orphanage. This is a place we’ve gone for many years, but always touches a special place in our hearts. They have a small number of children, but all who are either are physically/mentally impaired. When we arrived the group of women that run the orphanage gave us a tour of their home. They were the getting ready to eat their lunch and our group gladly helped feed them their spaghetti. After that we had physical Therapists their best to work with the children that needed their help most, while the rest of us played and colored and just held the other children. We enjoyed our time at this Special Needs place and the joy they gave us today.

-Hannah Wood (Zion’s Rest C of C)


Today we went to a small very poor village on the outskirts of Teguc. and built three houses families that did not have them before. Life changing experiences are happening here in Honduras on this TORCH trip. You really don’t know what you have until you see with your own eyes what others don’t have. It blows us away to see how happy these people are with the circumstances they are surrounded by. They have no material goods; all they have is the example of Christ that we are able to bring. Through Jesus, we were able to help change three families lives today and they were so grateful as were we. There are truly some amazing people here!! We met a 10-year-old girl in the village today from a very poor family her name is Vanessa. She is one of the most beautiful girls we have ever seen!! Let me tell you about this little girl’s heart, she was so proud of her family. She introduced us to her two younger sisters, then later to her mother!! She talked about her father; we think he was at work? We had very little Gatorade left in our bag so we gave it to her, then she gave it to her two younger sisters!! The child was unbelievable!! Another child Chase Turner was with was pretty cool as well. Chase asked him what his favorite Bible verse was, he said Psalm 92, and before Chase could turn the Bible there this 10-year-old boy had already quoted (word for word) the first 7 verses!! That blew our minds!! Amazing things are happening here everyday and we as so thankful to be a part of it!! This is truly how God wants us to live, As Servants!! I hope everyone back home who reads this gets a daily servant attitude and will consider participating in mission trips. I’d like to say hello to my mom and dad (Steve and Debby) in Lexington, TN!! I love you so much and thank you for the raising you gave me!! We are truly doing work for the Lord!!

-Matt Wilkinson and James Johnson.


Today we had a group go out to Molola to do a make over activity with the girls in the village! Our group divided up into hair washing, feet cleaning, nail paint, hair fixing, and dressing up stations. We had assistance from some of the local young men in bringing in water to wash hair. Our group was willing to step out of their comfort zones and do what was needed. We did not have enough buckets to wash the girls feet so everyone put in there wet wipes and baby wipes to clean there feet. As the day progressed, another group from a soccer clinic came up. This group consisted of all guy!! These guys were FANTASTIC!!!!!! They immediately jumped in to assist with anything that was needed. We had guys painting nails and washing hair and feet. I can not tell you how moving it was to watch these men work willingly with these little girls!! I promise to put pictures up as soon as possible!! We also had a station where the young girls were able to dress up and have their picture taken. They were able to put on Disney Princess outfits. They were so precious!! One of the things the girls were able to walk away with was a copy of the picture of them. I promise that words are not close to being enough to explain the joy that was brought to our group. It is so weird that we are suppose to be here to bring joy to their lives, when in actuality it is them who bring joy to ours!!

Once we had finished we came back to the mission house for dinner. Tonight we had rice, chicken and potatoes, and tortilla shells. The food is always wonderful here!! After supper we went to have deco in the chapel!! Jeremy Myers spoke tonight. He did an excellent job. He spoke about how we must be committed to God. We are to trust Him and remain Faithful!! Once deco was complete we split into our three teams for a brief meeting before bed.

It is very important that everyone understand there will be a split in the group. Tomorrow the Catacamus team leaves out. Wednesday the Choluteca teams leaves. I will be receiving information about each group through email! I will be posting the best I can. Please know that I try to keep everyone as up-to-date as possible. I am sorry about the live webcast. I was not sure how to work it and Mark Connell was not with our group tonight to assist me. I am also not sure how the devos will work when we split. Thank you all for thinking about us though. I know that there are many people sending pray up for us! Please email me with any questions (brandyb06@gmail.com)!! Tomorrow I will post about the Soccer clinic, Didasko, and the Hospital team. Thank you once again for your prayers. I love you all.

Brandy B

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