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Sunday, July 14

That's a wrap...

Day 10

Today was our last day of work, which makes me very sad.  I know you all want us home, but it is very hard leaving friends we have made, both American and Honduran.  Today started with breakfast between 7 and 8, with bagels, eggs, and fruit.  After breakfast we had devo led by Tyler Steffy.  Tyler encouraged us not to forget the little things and to finish strong. 

After Devo, we got our backpacks together and formed an assembly line to load the bus with 400 bags of food.  When it was loaded, we made our way to Mololoa to distribute the food.  The team definitely got their workout for the day!!!  The community is literally, a mountain!!  We had two vehicles we loaded down with the food the drove to the top.  The team met the vehicle there and started working downward.  There are so many things I love about working in Honduras, but distributing food is the most humbling.  The top of Mololoa rarely receives assistance because of the climb, but we had some awesome troopers that saw to it those families received assistance.  We also had some locals assisting us in getting the food bags to some of the more steep sections.  It’s amazing to work with our bothers and sisters in Honduras, because they show the love of Christ for their fellow country men in ways we do not see it in the States.  It took the team about 2 – 3 hours to hand out all of the food, but it was worth the time because now there are 400 families in Mololoa that will be feed for at least two weeks.  I pray that more assistance will come their way, and I hope you will also pray the same prayer.  God has worked is some pretty amazing ways, and I am confident He will continue to be with the Honduran people.

After delivering food, we loaded the buses and went to the mall for lunch.  Everyone chose what they wanted and had an hour to finish.  Once everyone was back on the buses we ended the day in The Valley of Angels for some shopping.  The ride out to The Valley is such a beautiful view.  It is always fun to go to the Valley of Angels, if you love to get some good deals on some pretty awesome stuff.  It’s also fun to go because we get to eat Pupusas!!!!  I know you are all like “what is a pupusa?”  A pupusa is a tortilla type thing filled with cheese, no not a quesadilla, it’s way better!!  Anyway, I attempted to make them at home and failed miserably, so I always look forward to eating some Pupusas!! 

When everyone finished shopping we loaded the buses and came back to Villa Gracia for dinner.  Tonight we had chicken, salad, potatoes, and a roll.  We met for our last nightly devo at around 8:00 led by Jeremy Myers.  Jeremy has done an excellent job these past 10 days encouraging us to work as one and explaining to us the power of One!!  When devo was finished we were given instruction about tomorrow, then we departed to share in our last night of fellowship with one another in Honduras.

This will be my last blog for 2013, which makes me very sad. I have enjoyed keeping you all updated each night!!  I have to say thanks to Leah Wright for doing the blog a few nights for me while I finished homework, she has been a blessing this week!! I also want to thank you all for your continuous prayers and thoughts, it means the world to the team to know we have so many back home praying for the efforts.  I have been blessed in so many ways this trip and I will miss this opportunity to share with you all.  We will be making our way home in the morning, so we will see you soon!!

Love you all, and until next year, peace and blessings!

Brandy B

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